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Minatare voters remove mayor from office
January 14, 2015 Jerry Purvis   

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MINATAREóBy a 81-11 margin, residents of Minatare voted Tuesday to remove Mayor Alfred Pieper from office. He had been mayor since the 2012 election. His term was to expire in 2016.

The recall started with a petition submitted to Scotts Bluff County Clerk and Election Commissioner Vera Dulaney in late 2014. A total of 89 verified signatures were needed to force a recall election. In a letter dated Nov. 19, Dulaney informed the city the petition met that threshold. The council then set Jan. 13, 2015 as the date for the special election.

Principal circulator of the petition was Minatare resident Annamarie Roness.

According to the recall affidavit, the reason for the recall was the inaccuracy of information Pieper provided and continues to provide to Minatare citizens. Other reasons cited were his incompetence as a public leader and his obvious favoritism toward people who supported him. The document also claimed he made threats against citizens and other public officials.

Minatare Council President Jerry Harms will serve as interim mayor until a new one is chosen. Members can nominate someone or interested residents can express their own interest in the position to the council. Once a person accepts the nomination, the council votes for the new mayor.
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