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Bulldog mom initiates new scoreboard
August 18, 2011 Lisa Betz   

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When Angela Haug sees a problem, she’s not the type to sit by and complain. Haug has proven to be a woman of action, as her recent campaign to get a new football scoreboard for Gering High School shows. Haug is a Bulldog football mom. Her son, Riley Haug, will be a sophomore this year at Gering High School.

Haug was dismayed last year when the scoreboard kept shorting out at some of the Bulldogs’ varsity games and decided to do something about it. “I just thought it was so terrible that the game was stopped and the scoreboard kept shorting out and I thought, we’ve gotta do something.” And do something, she did.

As marketing coordinator for Platte Valley Companies, Haug knew just who to call. “I asked Jody Miles on the school board if there were certain steps I needed to take. He’s also a senior vice president here with the company (Platte Valley Companies) and his son is also in my son’s class. I went to him and then I had to do the legwork to meet with Jimmie Rhodes (Gering football coach) to see what type of scoreboard they would want.”

We offered Gering’s new football coach, Jimmie Rhodes, a chance to share thoughts about the new scoreboard: “You know, honestly, I was extremely excited that there are people in our community who support athletics. It was awesome that more than one group wanted to step up and help. It made me proud to be a Gering employee and a citizen of Gering.”

The new scoreboard offers a lot of exciting new features. As described by Coach Rhodes, “the size is obviously going to be larger than the one we have. The technology is new (LED), it’s remote wireless, the colors are Gering colors. We got to add a logo to it.” One other thing will be different about the new scoreboard, its location. It will be positioned right behind the goal post.

Rhodes’ enthusiasm is infectious. “When she called me, I really thought someone was playing a prank call on me. It’s so cool that people in the community want to throw their support on something like this,” Rhodes said. “I’ve been really excited since I got hired (as coach), this is just like sugar on top.”

Haug started the project right after school was out in May. “I started contacting the scoreboard company and got some quotes from them.”

The project had to be approved by the bank’s upper management, who wanted the project to be inclusive of other businesses too. Valley Bank has also become a partner in the project. Ultimately, the project received the support of several local businesses, including Ferguson Signs for the sign installation, Dominion Construction drilled the holes for the posts, while Cementers, Inc. is doing the cement work. Winkler Electric is providing the wiring, carrying on a tradition of sorts for the business, since Chuck Winkler remembered putting the original scoreboard in 20 plus years ago.

Longtime scoreboard sponsor Runza will continue to be featured on the new scoreboard in addition to Platte Valley Companies and Valley Bank, whose signs will be an addition on the new board.

Haug is relieved that the sign is scheduled to be installed this week, in time for the new season. “It took a lot of phone calls and back and forth to get this going and I was worried that we were running out of time.” Gering’s Blue and Gold scrimmage game is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 19.

After such success, Haug wasn’t sure what her next project might be but feels a sense of accomplishment in having achieved her goal. “I’m always willing to help. I just thought this would be a nice asset to the school.” said Haug.

(Editor’s note: The sign is scheduled for arrival and installation after the Gering Citizen press run.Check www.geringcitizen.com for breaking news photos of the new sign.)
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