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Auction house to be removed this year
February 05, 2015 Jerry Purvis   

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Photo by Jerry Purvis/Gering Citizen - Gering Street Superintendent Casey Dahlgrin supervises the removal of a dead cottonwood trunk in front of the Lane Auction House building. He said the trunk had split and was a safety hazard, making its removal necessary.

Work has started on removing the former Lane Auction House from its location at 11th and O Streets in Gering.

Gering City Engineer Paul Snarr said the building is in such poor condition, another heavy snow could possibly collapse part of the roof. So he plans to move ahead with demolition this season.
Requests for Proposals will be sent out soon to interested contractors. City crews are currently clearing out the interior so contractors can inspect the building prior to submitting a bid for the demolition work.

The former WESTCO building, just north of the railroad tracks on 10th Street, is also being inspected for demolition, either this season or next year. Because the building is on railroad right-of-way, Union Pacific officials could press the city for removal if the building deteriorates further.
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