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Terrytown water nears final review: Water meters required by 2016
February 12, 2015 Jerry Purvis   

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The engineering report for the upgrade of the Terrytown water system is almost complete, and city officials hope to start the design phase this summer.

The latest comments received from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality said the city needs to conduct flow and pressure tests on its water system. The state department came out earlier this week to conduct the flow test. A pressure test to determine leakage will be done later in February. Those numbers will be included in the latest revision of the study.

“We’ll also address all the other comments in the report and send it back the state for another review,” Terrytown City Engineer Jeff Wolfe said. “Once that’s completed, the report goes before a committee of all the funding agencies for these types of projects. We hope the committee will have the report in the next few months. From there, they determine which agency can provide us with the best funding package.”

Wolfe said Terrytown hopes to start the design process by this summer and construction to start in the spring of 2016.

The design includes how the city will lay out its water mains, connections and water distribution, along with how it will service the unincorporated Bellevue area. Water meters will be installed on all residences and business as part of the process.

Also to be determines is what size of a water tower will be needed to service the city in case of emergencies, such as major fires.
“At this point in time, we’re looking at a new tower,” Wolfe said. “The state was asking whether we could use that one and also install a smaller tower next to it instead of replacing it with a larger tower like the one in Minatare.”

He added that while a neighboring community will supply Terrytown’s water, the city will need its own tower for fire suppression and safety concerns.

“Right now the report recommends a connection to Gering,” Wolfe said. “Gering has said it has no problem supplying us with water and their tanks are available for our fire emergencies. But they want us to have a standby tank to help support the system.”
The decision to upgrade Terrytown’s entire water system came when the city proposed metering city water. Currently, the city charges a flat rate for unlimited water usage.

In October 2012, one of the city’s two water wells tested high for arsenic and had to be shut down. The arsenic levels tested high not because of rising levels, but because of lowered acceptable levels by the federal government. Since then, the arsenic levels in the city’s remaining well have been slowly creeping up.
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