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Gering to replace century old water main
February 19, 2015 Jerry Purvis   

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Later this spring, Gering will begin its third year of a project to replace the city’s water mains – many of which are a century old.
Once spring weather arrives, a contractor for the city will begin replacing the water main on P Street, from 10th to 5th Streets. The eight-inch main, installed in 1917, is made of cast iron and will be replaced by plastic pipe.

“It’s part of our infrastructure replacement program of all the original water mains,” said Gering Director of Public Works Pat Heath. “It should take another 10 years to complete. If we keep getting the money we need, it might be done sooner.”

The city had budgeted $305,000 for this year’s project, the same as the contractor’s bid, which Heath said is unusual.

“Construction is up to the contractor, but we hope to start in a couple of months,” Heath said. “It should be completed by the end of June.”

As part of the project, service lines from the main up to the curb stop of individual homes will also be replaced. However, a few of the lines won’t be replaced on homes that are in the middle of the block on a side street.
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