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ALLO fiber service comes to Gering
March 05, 2015 Jerry Purvis   

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Photo by Jerry Purvis/Gering Citizen - ALLO Communications President Brad Moline is joined by fellow staff and members of the Chamber of Commerce to ceremoniously cut the ribbon, launching their high-speed Internet service into Gering.

During a ceremonial ribbon cutting on Wednesday evening, ALLO Communications announced the launch of a project to bring gigabit fiber service to Gering homes.

Starting with 1,200 homes, the residential project will be completed within the next 12 months. ALLO had previously completed a business fiber network in Gering.

Gigabit fiber provides an Internet connection that’s up to 100 times faster than standard broadband speeds. Currently, less than 10 percent of American homes have access to that level of speed technology.

“A real game changer” is how ALLO President Brad Moline described the in-home service. “With superfast Internet speeds, consumers have better access to technology options that enhance their lives.”
Some of those options could be operating a home based business, downloading movies, taking college classes, video chatting sharing photos and online gaming. And with the reliability and support of gigabit fiber, ALLO can also offer exceptional television and telephone services.

“When we launched in Scottsbluff, Gering residents couldn’t wait for ALLO to cross the river,” Moline said.”The local business owners already know us and they’re ready to welcome us into their homes.
He added that ALLO’s gigabit services empower communities to be technology leaders. That’s unique because more often than not, rural areas are forced to be the followers.

“In today’s global marketplace, access to this technology increases our ability to compete in ways that even a decade ago, were out of reach,” he said. “In addition to the economic development possibilities, the service enhances quality of life – especially for younger people.”

Still unknown are the ramifications of the Federal Communications Commission recent passage of “net neutrality.” The ruling basically adopted President Franklin Roosevelt’s 1934 Communications Act to regulate the Internet with the same federal control as the old AT&T customer monopoly.

But Moline said net neutrality is not a big concern for companies with fiber-to-the-premise networks. “ALLO’s enormous amount of bandwidth reduces the potential impact of the new rules,” he said. “Communications providers with older technology may have difficulty with net neutrality due to their technology limitations.”

Nebraska based ALLO Communications offers local telephone, long distance, broadband Internet and television to residences and businesses in more than 20 Nebraska communities. More information on their new gigabit fiber service is available by calling (308) 633-5000.
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