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Gering eyes street improvements
March 19, 2015 Jerry Purvis   

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With spring just around the corner, the Gering Street Department is gearing up for a busy construction season that includes six road projects.

Gering City Engineer Paul Snarr said bids will be opened this week, but the work is expected to run in the $800,000 range.

The street replacement projects for 2015 include Country Club Road between 7th and 10th Street, about 1,360 linear feet. Country Club Road from Five Rocks Road west about 360 feet is another. Mark Drive in east Gering will be replaced between D and A Streets, about 850 feet of work. Third Street from U Street south about 350 feet, 17th Street from Yucca Drive south about 460 feet, and 7th Street from U Street to Union Pacific Street, about 350 feet, round out the schedule.

Looking farther ahead, the six-year street plan includes building a new road from Rundell Road and D Street south to the McLellan Expressway. “We’ve had some people interested in building in that area,” Snarr said. “We just haven’t had the right fit yet.”

Another longer range project is resurfacing 7th Street from D Street to the Expressway, the 2nd Street and Highway 92 intersection, and the Five Rocks Road-Oregon Trail Boulevard area.

Snarr said several other projects beside streets are also scheduled for this season. Water mains, almost 100 years old, will be replaced on P Street from 5th to 10th Streets. The four-inch cast iron pipes will be replaced by eight-inch PVC high pressure pipe.

Another loop of water main will be replaced just north of the Paul Reed Construction offices and parallel along 10th Street and tie into the Red Barn Addition. As part of that project, an old line, circa 1917, will be replaced on M Street across from the Log Cabin Restaurant.

Snarr added the former Lane Auction House building has been demolished and site compaction is almost complete. “The project went very well,” he said. “There was no asbestos particulate picked up by the air monitors.”

The city plans to have the lot surveyed to clean up the lot lines and get the property ready in case someone would be interested in developing the area.

The city also recently received a federal Brownsfield grant for professional environmental site assessment for several properties, including the former Packerland site on 10th and Country Club, the Gering sugar factory at 7th and U Streets, and B and T Metals on 3rd Street south of U Street.

“We need to study the buildings that are left to see what contaminants they contain and what would be the best way to remove them,” Snarr said.
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