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Council rejects zoning appeal
March 26, 2015 Jerry Purvis   

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The Gering City Council declined to reconsider action from its March 9 meeting to rezone land in east Gering to allow for heavy industrial use.

The land in question along east M Street had been zoned for light industrial and manufacturing, but was changed to heavy industrial and manufacturing. The zoning change had been requested by Steve Eich of Rich’s Auto Wrecking and Used Cars. He requested the change so he could move his business from its current 10th Street location to the new location on east M Street.

At the Monday council meeting, William Vaughan, owner of Evergreen Estates Manufactured Home Community, asked for reconsideration because the wrecking yard adjoins his residential community.
“M Street is a main corridor into the city and its historic value along the Oregon Trail should be preserved,” Vaughn told council members. “It’s shouldn’t have a salvage yard in plain view.”

Vaughan prepared a packet of information for council members, in which he stated his reasons why the zoning change should be rejected. One of them is the problem of “spot zoning,” where a property is rezoned when it is still surrounded by property of a different zoning classification. The city has a policy of trying to avoid spot zoning, as it doesn’t fit with the city’s overall development plan.
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