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Gering Junior High wins home Quiz Bowl
April 23, 2015 Jerry Purvis   

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Photos by Jerry Purvis/Gering Citizen - Members of the Gering Junior High Quiz Bowl are, front row from left, Logan Moravec, Isaiah Henderson, Rachel Rawlings, Blanca Munoz and Jaela Hardin. Middle Row: Robert Hansen, Justin Scott, Levi Kicken, JinLee Sayaloune and Lexi Tallmon. Back Row: Matthew Eckerberg, Brock Parker, Derek Sabala and Mrs. Hadenfeldt.

It took weeks of studying and keeping up on current events, but the work paid off for the Gering Junior High School Quiz Bowl team as they won their first championship at home last Friday.

Answering questions from a wide variety of categories, from science and math to fine arts and technology, the Gering team bested Chadron 105-75 in the final round.
“We come in early every Friday morning to study,” said co-captain Justin Scott. “We go over old tests and keep up with what’s going on now.”

Co-captain Rachel Rawlings agreed that keeping up on current events took time, but being informed has also helped with her schoolwork and boosted her curiosity about the world around us.

Coach Mandy Hadenfeldt said the team usually competes in three or four events during the year, hosted by different schools. Seven schools from around the Panhandle competed in Gering last Friday.
During their Friday morning practice, members are quizzed on current events and also questions that have been used in past years.
“We practice more of the structure of the game than the actual trivia,” Hadenfeldt said. “Most of the students come in knowing the information already so we practice strategy and different ways to get better.”

Students must apply to be accepted on the Quiz Bowl team and answer some general knowledge questions. There are teams for both seventh and eighth graders. Competition questions are based on seventh and eighth grade education standards, so most of the material covers what the students are learning at that time in the classroom.
“The team did a wonderful job today,” Hadenfeldt said. “I’m proud of them for winning our home tournament.”

As coach Mandy Hadenfeldt watches from behind, Gering Junior High Quiz Bowl team captains Justin Scott and Rachel Rawlings, both eighth graders, accept the team’s 1st place trophy.
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