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ALLO Communications to open Gering office
April 30, 2015 Jerry Purvis   

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By mid-May, ALLO Communications will have a new office open at 10th and O Streets in Gering.

ALLO President Brad Moline said the new office will be at 1450 10th St., in the old city hall building. “Whenever possible in a town the size of Gering, ALLO tries to have a local office. With the huge response we’ve had for service so far, it just made sense to get an office there so people can drop off payments, test services or sign up or ask questions.”

The new office will also house some inventory for their technicians as they continue connecting Gering residents with ALLO service.
“We like having a presence on Main Street,” he said. “We think the people in Gering will appreciate having a truly local communications company. When you call our number, you get someone in western Nebraska.”

ALLO began connecting Gering residences in February of this year and should have the project completed within the next 12 months. ALLO had previously completed a business fiber network in Gering.
Moline said that when ALLO first rolled out in Scottsbluff, Gering residents were anxious for them to connect south of the river. Local business owners already knew ALLO and were ready to welcome them into the community.

“Response has been terrific from people who want to sign up,” he said. “It picks up each week as we make more areas available.”
He added they encourage people to sign up for ALLO, even if the service isn’t immediately available in their neighborhood. That way, homeowners can get service as soon as it’s available and not have to deal with a waiting list.

Moline called the service “a real game changer” when it was announced in February. The gigabyte fiber Internet connection is 100 times faster than standard broadband speeds. Currently, less than 10 percent of American homes have access to that level of speed technology.

“ALLO’s gigabyte services empower communities to be technology leaders,” he said. “That’s unique because more often than not, rural areas are forced to be the followers. In today’s global marketplace, access to this technology increases our ability to compete in ways that even a decade ago, were out of reach.”

Because of the ALLO connection speed, residents can now operate a home based business, download movies, take college classes, video chat and a lot more. The gigabyte speed also allows for up to 40 wireless devices to be online at the same time from one connection.
Imperial, Neb. based ALLO Communications offers local telephone, long distance, broadband Internet and television to residences and businesses in more than 20 Nebraska communities. For more information on any of their services, call (308) 633-5000.
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