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Local gymnasts prepare for national competition
May 14, 2015 Jerry Purvis   

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Photo by Jerry Purvis/Gering Citizen - Coach Bobbie Strauch is taking the Carpenter Center Tumblers to their regional competition this weekend in Milwaukee. From left are Xenia Longoria, Kylie Brink, Ali Boswell, Kaitlin Bohman and Jesse McCaslin.

Bobbie Strauch, who grew up participating in gymnastics, is now the head coach of the Carpenter Center Tumblers – and she’s having success with the program.

“This year we have 10 kids competing,” Strauch said. “Five of them are ready for regional and national competitions already.”
This weekend, the team will be in Milwaukee, Wis. for regional competition. And later this summer they will be going to Texas for nationals.

The program is for girls age 2 and up and currently has about 120 kids participating. Strauch starts with basic tumbling moves and works up from there. “For a girl to go to regional or national competition, she has to be a level five and up,” she said. “That’s the ability to do two and four back handsprings. Right now I have two students at level five and two at level six.”

In addition to participating in regional and national competitions, the team recently competed in three meets in Colorado and the state meet in Omaha.

“We had two kids qualify for national competition already,” she said. “We also have three Nebraska state champions over this last year.”
The team is also involved in fundraising activities to help cover their expenses to the national competition in Texas. They’ve sold raffle tickets, baked goods and hosted dance fundraisers.

Families interested in the program are asked to call the Carpenter Center at (308) 635-8422.
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