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Good Morning friend!
Golf coaches reflect on winning seasons
May 28, 2015 Jerry Purvis   

Courtesy photo - The Scottsbluff High School Boy’s Golf team members are, from left, Taylor York, Vince Quijas, Coach Mike Klein, Jonah Wright, Koy Potthoff, Jared Pilkington, Sean Mercer-Smith, Baily Hort, and Craig Smith.

Two coaches – one a perennial qualifier for the state golf tournament and another going to state for the first time in many years – shared their thoughts on what it takes to play the game well.

For four years, Mike Klein’s Scottsbluff boys’ team has qualified for the state tournament. They’ve finished as champions, runners up, and in third. This season, the Bearcats were consistent tournament winners and also won the Class B distri...

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