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Morrill's football season canceled
October 06, 2011 Lisa Betz   

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Morrill’s Brandon Hessler (42) protects Alex Gonzalez (85) as he pushes through the threat from Bridgeport’s Brandon Nichols (60) and Jason Amateis (9). Bridgeport’s Karrett Ehrhardt (29 and Brandon Conley (82) are visible i

MORRILL — Morrill Athletic Director Tom Peacock announced Tuesday that after a meeting with players, parents and coaches, it has been decided that the remaining three games of the 2011 Morrill varsity football schedule will not be played.

The cancellation comes as a result of concerns regarding the safety of the remaining 12 players on the team. Because of numerous injuries sustained throughout the season, the team has dwindled from 18 players at the beginning of the season.

Friday’s game against Bridgeport saw the Lions’ final game come in a 28 - 0 loss to Bridgeport. Morrill’s Alex Gonzalez went down in the fourth quarter with an ankle injury.

Peacock said that Friday’s game resulted in two players that received season-ending injuries, one which they only learned of Monday. “That knocked us down to 12 players. The superintendent felt we should get the players and their parents together.”

Peacock said the parents have been supportive. “It was a real concern for the kids’ safety. When the kids are playing both sides of the football, offense and defense, they get fatigued. It increases the chances of them getting an injury,” he said.

“The kids don’t want to quit, they battled every week. It was a real compliment to them to stick together and keep that up week after week,” he added. Peacock stressed that the kids want to go on to wrestle and play basketball. “It was the right thing to do,” he said.

Morrill’s remaining scheduled games against Perkins County, Bayard and North Platte St. Patrick’s will be logged as a foreit for Morrill and a win for the opponents. Those points are calculated as a win for the other teams.

As difficult as the decision was, Peacock maintained a positive outlook on the situation. “Sports provide all kinds of life lessons and this is a good example of that. They were facing some good adversity and they didn’t quit. That’s a huge thing to learn in life, to get back up and keep going.”
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