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Volleyball team to stage pink-out
July 23, 2015 Jerry Purvis   

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Photo by Jerry Purvis/Gering Citizen - Members of the 2015 Gering volleyball team are, from left in the front row: Seniors Sara Schwartzkopf, Abby Kiesel, Allie Boggs, Lauren Shaul and Jade Riedel. Second row: Victoria Schwartz, Karlee Brester, Brittny Sprier, Kourtney Konn, Joslin Nuss and Maria Konn. Back row: Cora Leypoldt, Lauren Whaley, Kerrigan Blanton, Makenna Dunkel, Ariana Mitchell, Jenna Balthazor, Paige Lopez, Jade Garcia, Tayler Douglas and Alivia Schaub.

If some Gering residents find pink flamingos in their yards later this week, they’ll know they were visited by members of the Gering High School volleyball team.

The volleyball team will start its annual Pink Flamingo Fundraiser this Sunday, July 26, and the campaign will continue for three weeks until Aug. 14.

By secretly placing a pink flamingo in select yards, the team is asking those residents for a minimum donation of $10. Residents with the targeted lawns can then send the flamingos to a Gering neighbor for the same minimum donation.

“One year I saw a girl riding her bike. She was so excited to see the flamingos in her yard, she fell off,” said Allie Boggs, a member of the Gering Bulldogs volleyball team. “She was so happy to see them.”
Funds raised from the pink flamingos go toward new warmups, jerseys, food for road trips, and other seasonal expenses.

People can help the effort by sending some “birds” to a neighbor. Call Annie Boggs at (308) 631-6729. They can also support the team with donations to GHS Volleyball, attention Coach Lashley.
“People seem to get a kick out of pranking their neighbor,” said Gering head volleyball coach Dave Lashley. “People have asked me for suggestions and I send them to my neighbors first.”

He added the fundraiser is especially needed this season, as Gering will play most of its matches on the road.

Lashley agreed with his players, who said they want to win the district tournament this season. “We’d also like to get into a sub-state match and see how successful we can be,” he said. “Last year we were 10th and a team has to be in the top eight to host. That’s going to take an effort on our part. We’re very athletic, but a small team. We need to be at the top of our game on passing, defense and serving. Everything else will take care of itself.”
Lashley said he expects the team will play better than fans expect. While he lost some top-shelf talent to graduation, he has some players coming up who will make a big difference.
The 2015 Gering Lady Bulldogs volleyball team are led by seniors Sara Schwartzkopf, Abby Kiesel, Allie Boggs, Lauren Shaul and Jade Riedel. Their season opens on Sept. 4 at the Campbell County Tournament in Gillette, Wyo.

Side note: Donald Featherstone, the inventor of the iconic pink flamingo lawn ornament, died June 22 at his home in Massachusetts. He was 79. He even gave the birds a whimsical Latin name – Phoenicopterus ruber plasticus.
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