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Gering rolls out new online look
August 13, 2015 Jerry Purvis   

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People who visit the Gering Public Schools will notice a new, updated look as the district takes advantage of 21st Century technology to enhance its online presence in the community.

“This project actually started last summer while we were working on our strategic plan for the district,” said Gering Schools Superintendent Bob Hastings. “One of our strategic planning goals was to rebrand the district.”

That rebranding included updating the website to make it easier to navigate, and also to make it optimized for display on tablets and smart phones in today’s mobile society. Also, each school building has its own webpage, accessible by clicking the “Find Your School” link on the main page.

Another part of the overall update is a new Bulldogs logo, which looks familiar but is also contemporary.
“Through that process we worked with Logoz,” Hastings said. “We were looking for something that really said ‘Gering’ and spoke to who we are.”

Many of the classic features of the old Bulldog logo were updated and tied together to make them applicable wherever they’re used, from online to each school building. Several versions were designed with component parts that can be used separately or together.

“It looks familiar, but it’s updated,” Hastings said.
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