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Minatare ready to deal on packing plant
August 28, 2015 Jerry Purvis   

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Minatare has taken its first major step in the process to bring a meatpacking plant to the community.

On Aug. 26, members of the Minatare City Council approved entering into a Memorandum of Understanding with F2E Global LLC. The agreement designates Minatare as the community of choice for the beef processing plant being planned for western Nebraska.

Minatare has already heard presentations on the proposed plant from Tetrad Corporation, the project manager. And after a public forum to hear concerns from the community, the council voted to ask F2E to consider Minatare as a potential site.

Morrill County stock feeder Pete Lapaseotes, co-owner of F2E, said the company was excited to partner with Minatare to bring jobs to the community. We believe this facility will be a game changer for the area and we look forward to getting the redevelopment process underway.

Minatare community leaders have for some time been investigating possible projects that could provide new jobs and new revenue for the struggling town. School Superintendent Tim Cody said that potential development was essential for the schools to continue to grow and thrive.

The processing plant is designed to produce a specialized beef product for both foreign and domestic markets. Once in full operation, the plant will process about 1,500 head of cattle a day and employ 600 people.

City Council member Marcella Kreiling voted against the memorandum, not so much in opposition, but because of uncertainty. Im still not sure, so Im in the investigative stage, she said. Im just not sure the plant is put together beyond the initial drawings we looked at, so Im still curious about a lot of things.

Although signing the memorandum is a major step, its just the first among many in developing the project. The city will have to annex the proposed site east of town and also approve Tax Increment Financing to fund the operation.

For its part, F2E will acquire the site from Minatare and build a livestock processing, storage and shipping facility.
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