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Injury plagued Banner County cancels football
September 17, 2015 Jerry Purvis   

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The announcement came as a surprise to local media last week as officials at Banner County High School announced the cancellation of its 2015 football season.

Activities Director Kari Gifford said a number of injuries and the small number of players led to the decision.

Banner County plays in Division D-2 and is in its second year of playing six-man football.

“We started out with 10 players, and we had some injuries before our first game,” Gifford said.

“With another injury during our opening game at Maywood, we only had six players on the field and had to forfeit at halftime.”

Gifford said she and the coaching staff got together with team members last week to talk about going forward because it was also a safety issue for players. After the meeting, they agreed to cancel the season.

“It’s certainly not something we wanted to do,” Gifford said. “I feel for the kids who wanted to continue, but the situation just wasn’t going to work for us. We’ll evaluate the program again next spring, see how many players are interested and go from there.”

According to the Nebraska School Activities Association, members of the former football team are eligible to participate in the school’s Cross Country program.

Brady Cross, a 2009 graduate who played for the Wildcats football team, was in his first year as head coach.

In a preseason interview, Cross said he hoped the team would win at least half its games, and eventually become the team everyone was talking about.

Banner County is the second team to cancel its 2015 football season. Elwood, which plays 8-man football, dropped its program going into the opening weekend.

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