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Christian athletes form booster club
September 17, 2015 Jerry Purvis   

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Prior to the start of the school year, the Gering chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) called a “huddle,” which is what they call their regular meetings. In that meeting, interested parents and former FCA members felt the need to form a booster club to help support the students in their mission.

“We’re here to support the kids and help the coaches in any way we can,” said Bekah Gorsuch, one of the group organizers. “We plan to take lunches to the huddle once a month when they meet. And, we’ve had a coaches’ appreciation lunch before the start of school.”

Mike Thompson, FCA huddle sponsor at Gering High School, said the new booster club will give a big assist in raising funds and providing rides to faraway events. “They want to help provide transportation for some of the FCA events in east Nebraska. They’ll probably be involved with our “fifth quarter” events after home games,” he said.
Most importantly, the FCA huddle and the booster club provide positive experiences for young people. “There are so many things that aren’t good messages for the kids,” Mike said. “We want to counter that if we can. There’s more to life than those other destructive behaviors.”

He said the Gering huddle has members from all denominations. “We just want them to know God loves them and so do we. We’ve all got baggage and problems, but God loves us in spite of those. The message we hope to get out to the kids is they’re somebody and they have value.”
The Gering FCA Booster Club has scheduled a kickoff event to introduce its members to the public on Sunday, Oct. 11. Members will be cooking hot dogs and hamburgers in the parking lot at Fresh Foods in Gering. Some of the members from the high school FCA huddle will also speak. The event kicks off Homecoming Week for the Bulldogs.
“I was tired of hearing all he negativity about how poorly Gering sports were doing,” Bekah said. “Everyone was complaining about the athletes, so I decided that if you’re not doing something positive to help, you’re being part of the problem.”

Bekah and her husband, professional steer wrestler Dean Gorsuch, have three sons. The oldest, who’s 10, attends Geil Elementary. “We wanted to get something going before our kids were that age, and actually needed it,” she said. “The Gering administration has been very receptive, and excited we’re doing this.”

She added that she and Dean both benefited from FCA in high school and wanted to help the huddle in Gering.

“Our main goal is to encourage the kids to do sports God’s way, but first they have to see it from us,” she said. “They have to see that we put Christ first in all the things we do. Winning isn’t everything because there’s an acceptable way to both win and lose. But coaches get so much pressure from the outside about just winning. So, they need encouragement just as much as the athletes.”
For the Gorsuch family, they often learn more from losing than from winning. “We’ve been more humbled and encouraged when my husband hasn’t been successful than when he has,” Bekah said.

The Gering FCA Booster Club meets the first Sunday of each month and new parents are attending as the club grows. “Some of the parents have kids in sports and others don’t,” Bekah said. “I have so much support in getting this group started that I really don’t feel like I’m in charge.”

For more information, call Gorsuch at 308-631-5164.

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