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Across the Fence: A gathering of warriors at Arikaree Fork
September 24, 2015 M. Timothy Nolting   

-Unidentified survivors of the Battle of Arikaree Fork. Oddly, the only named image is the partially captured torso on the right, identified as Chalmers Smith. The photo was taken by the W.B. Coston Studios in 1899-

A few miles east of present day Haigler, Nebraska the north fork of the Republican River intercepts the smaller tributary of the Arikaree River as it flows northeasterly from Colorado. The Arikaree fork meanders across the Colorado plains before it reaches its three-point crossing of the Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado borders. However, before reaching that junction it passes by a soggy sandbar now known as Beecher’s Island. At that place, in 1868,...

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