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Minatare Feedlot sold to Wyoming operation
October 31, 2011 Jerry Purvis   

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The locally owned Minatare Feedlot is changing ownership. The Gering Citizen has confirmed with the Scotts Bluff County Register of Deeds that Charles Weinreis, general partner with Weinreis Brothers, has agreed to sell the feedlot to Silver Spur Ranches for an unconfirmed $27 million.

Silver Spur general manager Thad York said the operation will continue as it has in the past. “Our intention is to be part of the local community and do as much business in the local community as possible.”

The new ownership isn’t planning any wholesale changes when they take over operating the feedlot. “We’ll have some new people coming and some others will remain with the Weinreis family,” York said. “Current employees will continue to have a job if that’s what they want.”

Headquartered in Encampment, Wyo., Silver Spur Ranches has operations in Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico. Operating since the late 1800s, Silver Spur Ranches is currently ranked as the ninth largest commercial cattle operation in the U.S. They strive to maintain ecological balance between nature and their ranching operations and manage their rangelands in a manner that is beneficial to both wildlife and wildlife habitats.

York said one change will be in the feedlot itself, in that Silver Spur feeds more natural cattle than many other ranches in the area.
“We’ve been looking at feedlot/farm ground combination for awhile, trying to find something that fits our needs,” York said. “The Minatare area certainly does that. That’s what brought us here.”
He added that Silver Spur already has people involved in operating the Minatare Feedlot and will take over in early November.
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