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Good Morning friend!
The Good Life: Eclipse, a metaphor for life
October 01, 2015 Lisa Betz   

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It would be difficult not to have noticed Sunday nightís major celestial event, the total lunar eclipse of what is called a full super moon. Some of my friends gathered north of Scottsbluff to watch the skyís entertainment. Dogs, children and grownups all gathered to watch the moon as it danced with the earthís shadow, creating a spectacular light show that for once, was visible to those of us in western Nebraska.

Itís a delight to experience such an event with young people around. Seven-year-old Lily began to howl at the moon once the light was extinguished, and everyone else followed suit. I couldnít help but think of the people in ages past experiencing solar and lunar eclipses, wondering and perhaps fearful of what was happening, they with no benefit of scientists, astronauts or Hubble Telescope to inform them about such astounding occurrences.

Did it seem to them the world was ending?

For months astrologers have said that Sundayís eclipse would have an energy that stresses relationships. Say what you will about astrology, one only has to speak with a hospital emergency room staffer to learn that full moons do bring out the bizarre. Have a chat with a police officer about full moons sometime. They might be mere observers of human nature, certainly not scientists, but they will tell you, the full moon seems to have a mysterious influence on people, children and, if my catsí insanity over the last week is any indication, animals.

Astrologers have said that a lunar eclipse signals a significant ending. Often the ending is final and non-negotiable, no matter how one tries to resolve the matter. These endings, the astrologers say, often come unexpectedly and feel shocking. But there is a silver lining, they say.

Apparently, when endings happen during the week before, during, and the week after a lunar eclipse, it is nature or Godís way of forcing an issue that was needing change for a long time. And, it heralds better things to come. At least thereís that.

So, if youíve been plagued by abrupt endings to long term relationships at work, home or in friendships, or experienced unexpected, gasp-worthy changes recently, astrologers say there could be more this week as the eclipse energy wanes.

As for me, there was a surprise ending last week and another this week. Both were a surprise. Shockwaves are bound to hit in life, inspiring a period of reflection. What Iíve learned is to trust God and His plan, even though it may yet be unrevealed.

This kind of faith has served me well in running the Gering Citizen these past six and half years, and Iím not going to lose faith now. Whenever a door has closed, a new one has opened. Itís one of the indications to me that the Citizen has an important role to play here.

Since day one at the Citizen God has sent us the staff we have needed, the advertisers who need us that we can serve, and the readers to enjoy our work each week.

We could never create this weekly paper without all of the people who make it go. To that end, weíre looking for new some people to fill open positions at the Citizen. On our classified page you will see that weíre hiring. To work at a community newspaper is to be part of the fabric of our community in a unique way. Our readers tell us every week how much they enjoy the paper and our work. Thatís a good feeling, even on a day when someone closes a door unexpectedly.
As for the lunar eclipse, what a beautiful sight. I treasure the simple enjoyment of gathering with friends and children, all of us eagerly watching as the moon shimmied with the earth, coyly playing hide and seek with light and darkness.

The eclipse is a good metaphor for life. When the light is extinguished, there is always the knowledge that light will return. Such as it was with the eclipse on Sunday, such as it is in life.
Even when the light of life seems teasing, like a child playing Peekaboo with the darkness, take a cue from young Miss Lily; go outside and howl at the moon. It does feel surprisingly good.
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