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Operator sought for golf eatery
October 08, 2015 Jerry Purvis   

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The City of Gering is again looking for an operator for the restaurant at Monument Shadows Golf Course.

Sal Munoz, the operator of Caddies Restaurant, declined to renew his current contract with the city, which expires on Oct. 31.

At a city council meeting in August, the possibility of the contract expiration was discussed. Council member Dan Smith said he hadn’t heard from Munoz whether or not the operator wanted to extend the contact, but the city wanted to be ready in case the contract was not renewed. That way, there would be no lapse in service to the community.

At the time, council voted to request a joint meeting of the Recreational and Administrative Committees to discuss whether to ask for “letters of interest” from vendors who might be interested in operating the restaurant.

Members of those two committees met on Monday, Oct. 5 to discuss the wording of the contract and how to go about advertising for a new operator. Council member Larry Gibbs, who serves on the Administrative Committee, said he was disappointed when he heard about Munoz’ decision, but the city has had difficulty in the past with keeping a long-term operator for the restaurant.

Justin Allred, who chairs the Recreation Committee, said that during negotiations, the city came to realize that Munoz probably wouldn’t renew his contract.

“Every situation is different, but the bottom line is that you have to want to be in the business to be successful,” Allred said. “Caddies did some great things for us during their operation, but this was strictly a contractual agreement they chose to end.”

Persons interested in submitting a proposal are encouraged to contact the City of Gering for more information. Any proposal needs to be returned by Friday, Oct. 16 at 4:30 p.m. Proposals will then be reviewed by committee chairs and City Administrator Lane Danielzuk.
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