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Terrytown moves closer to a water resolution
October 08, 2015 Jerry Purvis   

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The preliminary engineering report for Terrytown’s upcoming water project is now complete and has been forwarded to the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.

City Engineer Jeff Wolfe said the NDEQ financing board meets in either November or December, so the city should have a financing package ready by the end of the year. The agreement should be signed and finalized by about February 2016. After financing is in place, the design phase for the project can begin.

“We probably won’t go out for bids for work on the project until next summer,” Wolfe told council members during their October meeting. “Once our design is completed, the state has to sign off on it.”

The project to completely rework Terrytown’s water system is actually a series of projects. The first one is to improve the city’s existing water system connection with Gering, which has agreed to provide water for Terrytown. Wolfe said the connection is important in the event Terrytown’s existing water well has to be taken offline.
“Our thought process is to take on the water connection project immediately,” Wolfe said. “While we make the connections, we’ll still be designing the rest of the project.”

Because Gering treats its potable water, Terrytown would only use its wells in case of emergency. However, Terrytown’s water well is an asset to the city and Wolfe urged at an earlier meeting the city retain ownership and not sign away any rights which might apply.
“We’ve already designed the project to connect meters to all residences and businesses,” Wolfe said. “That design is old enough that meter technology has changed, so the specifications will need to be revised.”

Other parts of the overall project include replacing many of the city’s water mains and rehabilitating the water tower.

“When we sent the preliminary report to the state, we also asked for our final payment for our expenses in finishing the report,” Wolfe told council members.

In other action, Terrytown council members approved the promotion of Hugo Chairez to utilities supervisor for the city. That leaves open a maintenance position and council members agreed to advertise for applicants.

Council also authorized the city attorney to update its ordinance regarding signage in Terrytown. The current ordinance prohibits flashing signs, the type council earlier approved for installation on 10th Street. Members agreed to model its new ordinance after Scottsbluff’s, which allows for those types of signs.
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