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City selects new restaurant operator
November 09, 2015 Jerry Purvis   

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A new restaurant, the Monument Grill, should be open for business by Dec. 1 at the Monument Shadows Golf Course.

During a short council meeting Monday, council members recommended they negotiate a contract with applicants Brody and Stephanie Rask to operate the restaurant.
Stephanie is the daughter of Carla and Scott Swanson of the Union Bar, has grown up in the restaurant business. Her husband, Brody, also helps at the Union.

“I don’t think there are any major challenges in operating the new restaurant,” Stephanie said. “It’s an awesome thing they have going on and we’re looking forward to the opportunity.”

The Rasks plan to turn the facility into a “really nice restaurant” that caters to both the golfers and the larger community.

“We’re excited to get the new restaurant and we’re thankful to the city for giving us the opportunity,” Stephanie said. “We plan a champagne brunch, breakfast all the time, dinners every day of the week. The menu will include steaks, pasta and seafood.”

Stephanie said the only days they plan to close are Thanksgiving and Christmas, so they will be open year round.

Brody and Stephanie will now negotiate terms of a lease agreement with the city. They were chosen from three finalists among the six applicants to operate the facility.

Council members also approved a letter of intent for the relocation of the Prairie Pines Quilt Shop. The store will move across M Street into the Fresh Foods building. The old site will be cleared to make room for a new proposed hotel.

In another item, the council approved $110,000 in LB 840 Economic Development assistance to Blue Prairie Brands. The company is currently processing chicory root into inulin fiber at its plant in the former Lockwood Building in Gering.
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