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Community steps up for Warrior Run
November 13, 2015 Jerry Purvis   

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About 220 runners turned out last Saturday to help support emergency assistance for veterans through the Warrior Run.

“The weather was chilly but it was a nice day,” said event organizer Chris Wolf. “Runners like a little cooler weather anyway. We were happy with the turnout.”

About 220 runners registered for the event, running in either the 5K or 10K courses. Wolf said that number is a bit higher than last year.

The Warrior Run supports the local Veterans and Military Emergency Relief Organization, which provides emergency assistance to veterans and their families in the Wyo-Braska area. That could mean help with rent and utilities, gas, car repairs, transportation needs and other items.

“We raised about $20,000, but we’re still totaling it up,” Wolf said.
There were about $14,000 in sponsorships and entry fees on top of that.
Several people just donated to the cause and we’re really appreciative of that.”

She added that everyone that helps with the run volunteers their time, so about 95 percent of what’s collected remains in the area to help veterans.

“We’re very grateful for those who participated, our wonderful volunteers who helped, as well as our sponsors,” Wolf said. “The community really steps up and support our area veterans and we’re proud of that.”
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