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Bulldog signs with Southeast Sr. Riedel to play volleyball at junior college
November 20, 2015 Jerry Purvis   

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Southeast Community College admissions represent-ative Jamie Keller presents Jade Riedel with the No. 12 jersey she’ll wear next season for the junior college’s volleyball team. Photo by Jerry Purvis/Gering Citizen

Gering senior and volleyball player Jade Riedel said she hadn’t planned on playing volleyball during her college career, but an offer from Southeast Community College in Beatrice changed that plan.

“When I visited, it was a really nice campus,” Riedel said. “I knew it was the one for me and I’m excited to play there. I just couldn’t resist playing, even though I didn’t plan on it originally.”

After meeting with Coach Carrie Puhalla and studying video from some of their matches from last season, Riedel said she made the right decision.

“I met some of the girls and they’re really nice and they’re excited to have me join them next year,” said. “Coach said I’d be a good fit for the type of team she’s developing.”

Coach Puhalla said that during the visit, she spoke with Riedel about the skills where she wanted to see improvement and said she’s excited to see her as a part of the team.

“Jade is a versatile player that I can either use as an outside hitter or maybe as a libero,” she said. “She has a good jump serve that I think we can improve on and really make her a threat on the court.”

Along with Coach Puhalla, Southeast admissions representative Jamie Keller brought along a volleyball and a new jersey for the signing ceremony.

“We recruit effective players for the Southeast volleyball team,” Keller said. “Overall, Carrie was very excited to get Jade signed on for the team.”

“Gering pride” and her friends are among the things Riedel said she would miss.

“Being here and knowing everyone in the school and being on the volleyball team, we left a legacy,” she said. “It’s going to be hard not being a Bulldog any more.”

Gering finished its volleyball season on Nov. 3 with a loss to Sidney in the district championship game. The Lady Bulldogs ended their season with a 16-22 record.

Gering volleyball Coach Dave Lashley said he’s been working with Riedel and her fellow seniors since they were in club ball in the eighth grade.

“Annie Boggs and I coached them in club for a couple of years before I took over as the high school volleyball coach,” Lashley said. “Jade is a very good player. She has an attention to the game and is always working hard to better herself.”

Riedel started out as a sophomore at the libero position. When the team needed a strong right side presence, she was moved to that position.
“Jade will do well at Southeast,” he said. “She’ll work hard to make sure she does. Plus, she can play multiple positions from libero to right side to setter. That will be her strong point, that’s she’ll be able to do lots of things for them.”
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