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School officer outlines second year on job
November 25, 2015 Jerry Purvis   

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Gering School Resource Officer Henry Moreno

Henry Moreno, now in his second year as Gering’s School Resource Officer, updated the school board on how the program is working in the schools.

“I’m still spending most of my time in the high school, but my job is all about building relationships with the students and staff,” Moreno told the board. “There are a lot of things I have to juggle.”

He added building those relationships are important, given that students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and family dynamics. While he is a law enforcement presence in the schools, most of his time is spent talking with students and getting them to open up about their concerns, whether at school, at home, or with fellow students.

Board member BJ Peters said that Moreno’s presence has an effect not just on the high school, but district wide – and that appeals to him.
Moreno’s presence has helped diffuse several situations that could have potentially become much worse.

“Henry and his position are valuable to the district,” said Gering Schools Superintendent Bob Hastings. “In addition to a police presence, he brings so much knowledge and history to the job. He knows people and their relationships outside the school buildings, which is a big help to us. He’s also reassuring from an administrator’s standpoint to be able to talk with him.”

Moreno is also instrumental in arranging for safety and security drills in the schools and recommending security improvements to both administrators and law enforcement partners.

“When the school board first discussed the position, I don’t think we could have written a better list of qualifications than what we have with Henry,” board member Brian Copsey said. “From my experience with the kids, he’s much beloved within the schools. His compassion for the kids is visible and I’ve heard great things about him.”
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