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Media tour Gering supermarket
November 17, 2011 Jerry Purvis   

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Developers of the new Gering supermarket were in town Wednesday to tour the building with members of the media.

Gering graduate Josh Berger, with Woodbury Corp. in Lincoln, said they will close on the property with the City of Gering this week. The papers are in order, so the remaining task is getting the necessary signatures.

“Both the tenant and developer are working in the building to get things ready for opening,” Berger said. “We’re probably looking at opening in February 2012.”

Berger said they’re about ready to announce the store name, but the operator is still employed by another company and wants to keep his involvement in the project confidential as long as possible.

“I’m please we were able to work out an arrangement,” said Gering Mayor Ed Mayo. “We asked the media to tour the building so they could let the public know we’re making progress toward opening a supermarket in Gering.”
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