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Wrapping up the 2010 election
November 05, 2010 Jerry Purvis   

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Voting is Patriotic

Forty-two percent of registered voters in Scotts Bluff County went to the polls on Tuesday to decide a number of races and issues. County Election Commissioner Vera Dulaney had predicted a 45 percent turnout. The last votes to be counted were from Gering, where turnout was especially heavy due to the mayor’s race and the school bond issue.

Dulaney said more than 100 provisional ballots still must be counted, but she doubts they will change the results. A total of 9,856 ballots were counted in Scotts Bluff County.

In other races, for Scotts Bluff County Commissioner in District 6, which includes Gering, three-term incumbent Doug Leafgreen was upended by Sherry Blaha, a long-time county employee and former Gering City Council member. Blaha ended up with 1,686 votes, compared with 1,128 for Leafgreen.

The other two districts for the county board were unopposed. Mark Masterton in District 5 got 1,277 votes and Mike Marker in District1 got 1,498 votes.

All other Scotts Bluff County races were unopposed. County Clerk Vera Dulaney received 8,764 votes. Jean A. Bauer was re-elected as Register of Deeds with 8,389 votes. District Court Clerk An Rosenberry got 8,544 votes and County Treasurer Gwenn Greeley got another term with 8,539 votes.

For County Sheriff, unopposed Mark Overman received 7,682 votes. However, 572 votes went to the write-in candidate, some of those for Jim Lawson, who Overman defeated in the primary.

Scotts Bluff County gets a new County Attorney with Doug Warner, who posted 7,120 votes. His counterpart, Bernie Straetker, won re-election as Public Defender with 8,094 votes.

Duane Stott got another term as County Surveyor with 8,217 votes and the County Assessor Amy Ramos was re-elected with 7,891 votes. In the Banner County election, voters elected a new sheriff: Stan McKnight with 206 votes. Opponent Greg Taylor had 115 votes.

In the race for Banner County School Board, three seats were available. Mark Knaub and Kevin Hostetler both had 215 votes, followed by Brock Elsen with 168 and Brad Cross with 166. Ten provisional ballots remain to be counted, so either Elsen or Cross will be the third school board member.

Three people were running for Banner County Board for two positions. Robert Post topped the vote count with 249, followed closely by John Robert Faden with 246. Incumbent Milo Sandberg came in third with 97 votes.

In a Sioux County race of local interest, Gering Police Chief Mel Griggs lost his bid to become Sioux County Sheriff, being defeated by county resident Lyle Staudenmaier 317-253.

For District 48 State Senator, unopposed John Harms was elected to a second term with 7,570 votes.

In state and national races, U.S. Congressman Adrian Smith of Gering was running for a third term and got 6,370 votes in Scotts Bluff County. He easily outdistances Democrat challenger Rebekah Davis, who got 2,091 votes.

In the race for Nebraska Governor and Lt. Governor, David Heineman and Rick Sheehy easily won re-election over Democrat challengers Mike Meister and Ann Boyle by a vote of 7,532 to 2,126.
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Great job on this article Jerry. I have heard several folks comment on Gering Citizen's great coverage of the races.
- Brian Hale [2010-11-12 01:44:25]