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Good Morning friend!
Dancers return for exhibition at Legacy
February 19, 2016 Jerry Purvis   

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Jerry Purvis/Gering Citizen Caller Lucky Kochenower and dancer Lila Brandt will be part of group for a square dancing exhibition, on Saturday, Feb. 20, at the Legacy of the Plains Museum in Gering.

The call of “allemande left” will ring out again at the Legacy of the Plains on Saturday afternoon, Feb. 20 when the Pairs-N-Half Pairs Promenaders square dance in the main building.

“We first danced here during last year’s Harvest Festival,” said Lila Brandt, co-treasurer for the group. “I guess they liked us because they asked us back.”

Sandra Reddish, director of Legacy of the Plains, said she’s always liked music. “I’m not a dancer, but I enjoy watching those who know what they’re doing. Plus, this is a time of year when we’re not that busy and I like to see different groups using his community facility,” she said.

Lucky Kochenower, who has been calling square dances and cueing round dances for the past 43 years, said last year’s event had a great turnout of both dancers and spectators. “This time of year, people need somewhere to go because they’ve got cabin fever,” he said. “This is a great time for dancers to get active again. We’re hoping at least 25 dancers show up.”

The event will include square dancing, round dancing and a pie social. “I’d say that at least 95 percent of the people in this area who know how to square dance took lessons from Lucky,” Brandt said.

She added the group’s motto says a lot: “Square dancing is friendship set to music. It’s a nice evening to spend with friends, dancing and laughing.”

Between the club dance every two weeks, classes and exhibition, the group has about 60 events a year.

With its origins in barn dances, today’s square dancing is called modern western square dance. It’s become a worldwide organization. “You can go to any country in the world and dance, regardless of the caller or the language,” Kochenower said. “The movements are the same and calls are always in English. Square dancing is unique in that respect.”

The public is invited to join in the fun on Saturday, Feb. 20 from 2 – 4 p.m. as Legacy of the Plains Museum in Gering hosts the Pairs-N-Half Pairs Promenaders square dance group.
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