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Bearcat grapplers finish second at B-4 Districts
February 19, 2016 Frank Marquez   

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Frank Marquez/Gering Citizen Scottsbluff’s Genaro Gurrola overcomes Ogallala’s Grant Packard with a pin in double-overtime, becoming the B-4 district champ at 285 pounds.

The runner-up Scottsbluff Bearcats saved the best for last at the B-4 District Tournament in Sidney on Saturday.

Bearcat Genaro Gurrola, at 285 pounds, took the long way to winning his match against Ogallala’s Grant Packard, going beyond the regulation three periods to become champion in his weight class.

Gurrola and Packard tied the match a 1-point apiece after both wrestlers had earned an escape point after their respective turns from the bottom position. Neither would budge through a minute in the first overtime or fourth period. Midway through the fifth period or second overtime, Gurrola finally took a withering Packard to his back with 7:29 on the clock.

Overall, Scottsbluff and Gering will be sending 11 wrestlers to compete in the state tournament Feb. 18-20 in Omaha after qualifying at the district meet on Saturday. Scottsbluff was edged by first-place Adams Central in the team standings, while Gering finished in ninth place.

Aside from Gurrola, Scottsbluff’s Robert Price, at 132 pounds, and Devon ‘Tae Guttierez at 113 pounds, were also crowned champions.
Among top finishers for Gering, Austin Garcia at 132 pounds, Carmelo Ozuna at 160 pounds, and Cody Ybarra at 170 pounds took third place.

In the championship round, at 106 pounds, George Hernandez of Scottsbluff lost by 7-4 decision to Sidney’s Trey Arellano. At 113 pounds, Guttierez of Scottsbluff cruised to an 11-1 decision against Adams Central’s Nolan Barry, keeping Barry scoreless through the first two periods. Guttierez had a 77-23 season with 47 pins, 8 technical falls, and 5 major decisions over opponents.

At 126 pounds, Mario Ybarra of Scottsbluff lost by 4-3 decision to Chadron’s Joe Ritzen on a controversial out-of-bounds call in which two points and the lead were awarded to Ybarra, then rescinded after officials huddled to reconsider the call disputed by Chadron coaches. Mario Ybarra’s season record was 98-35 with 35 pins.

At 132 pounds, Price of Scottsbluff made quick work of Lexington’s Alex DeSantiago, pinning him after 1:24 in the first period. Price’s season record of 52-28 included 22 pins.

At 182 pounds, Kobe Paez, Scottsbluff was pinned in the second period at 4:17 by Adams Central’s Tyler Ziegler. Paez had a 15-19 record with nine pins.

In the matches for third and fourth places, Ozuna of Gering earned a victory over McCook’s Duncan Fassler by fall in 2:58. At 120 pounds, Jerry Hernandez of Scottsbluff won in an 8-4 decision over Cozad’s Jace Russman. At 132 pounds, Garcia of Gering pinned Alliance’s Lance Applegarth at 2:55 in the second period. At 152 pounds, Elijah Blanco of Scottsbluff was pinned by Alliance’s Danny Vallejo in 4:41. At 170 pounds, Cody Ybarra of Gering won by 9-2 decision over Adams Central’s Corey Brown.

In the Class C-4 championship round, the Mitchell Tigers Darryn Walters, at 126 pounds, lost an 8-3 decision to Eric Pacheco of Kearney Catholic. At 138 pounds, Mitchell senior Drew Gilliland lost 8-4 to Noah Eklund of Valentine. Tigers 170 pounder Abe Hernandez lost a 13-3 decision to Braxton Coleman of Valentine.

In Class D-5 competition involving Bayard, Morrill, Minatare, and Banner County schools, Bayard’s Alex Araujo at 113 pounds pinned Tate Coss of Garden County in 1:53. Holden Schleve of Morrill won third place with a 9-5 decision over Reid Stout of Medicine Valley. At 120 pounds, Mitchell McKibbin of Bayard won a 4-2 decision over Justin Davis of Hemingford. Bayard’s Karsen Hunter at 138 pounds took fourth place losing to Jake Korinek of Medicine Valley in a major decision, 12-0.

At 152 pounds, Josh Cinocco of Minatare took third place by pinning Ryan Mckeeman of Maxwell in 1:32). At 160 pounds, Garrett Zwiebel of Morrill took first place by pinning Lee Jespersen of Hemingford in 3:0-8. At 182 pounds, William Howell of Morrill took second place in a loss to Gideon Monette of Mullen.

At 195 pounds, Alex Wamboldt of Bayard took first place over Kage Jespersen of Hemingford in a major decision, 12-1. Bayard’s Zaine Gallegos, at 285 pounds, won first place by pinning Kain Forbes of Crawford in 1:48.

B-4 District Team results: Adams Central 191.5; Scottsbluff 187.0; Alliance 132.0; Lexington 103.0; Sidney 97.5; Gothenburg 85.0; Holdrege 74.0; McCook 72.0; Gering 52.0; Ogallala 42.0; Chadron 37.5; Cozad 37.5.

Overall results:

106 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Trey Arellano of Sidney

2nd Place - George Hernandez of Scottsbluff

3rd Place - Jacob Kubicka of Adams Central

4th Place - Evan Steggs of Alliance

1st Place Match

Trey Arellano (Sidney) 42-0, Fr. over George Hernandez (Scottsbluff) 29-9, Sr. (Dec 7-4).

3rd Place Match

Jacob Kubicka (Adams Central) 38-6, Jr. over Evan Steggs (Alliance) 27-18, So. (Fall 4:19).

113 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Devontae Gutierrez of Scottsbluff

2nd Place - Nolan Barry of Adams Central

3rd Place - Kaden Vowers of Sidney

4th Place - Trevor Holley of Gothenburg

1st Place Match

Devontae Gutierrez (Scottsbluff) 28-6, Fr. over Nolan Barry (Adams Central) 36-8, So. (MD 11-1).

3rd Place Match

Kaden Vowers (Sidney) 44-5, So. over Trevor Holley (Gothenburg) 36-12, Jr. (Dec 5-2).

120 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Devin Gilliland of Adams Central

2nd Place - Noah Larson of Gothenburg

3rd Place - Jerryd Hernandez of Scottsbluff

4th Place - Jace Russman of Cozad

1st Place Match

Devin Gilliland (Adams Central) 31-14, Sr. over Noah Larson (Gothenburg) 34-15, So. (MD 16-4).

3rd Place Match

Jerryd Hernandez (Scottsbluff) 23-20, Fr. over Jace Russman (Cozad) 26-19, Fr. (Dec 8-4).

126 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Joe Ritzen of Chadron

2nd Place - Mario Ybarra of Scottsbluff

3rd Place - Jorgen Johnson of Alliance

4th Place - Bryce Larson of Gothenburg

1st Place Match

Joe Ritzen (Chadron) 36-2, Jr. over Mario Ybarra (Scottsbluff) 42-7, So. (Dec 4-3).

3rd Place Match

Jorgen Johnson (Alliance) 34-13, So. over Bryce Larson (Gothenburg) 46-5, Jr. (Dec 5-2).

132 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Robert Price of Scottsbluff

2nd Place - Alex DeSantiago of Lexington

3rd Place - Peyton Brodrick of Adams Central

4th Place - Zachary Hurlbert of Holdrege

1st Place Match

Robert Price (Scottsbluff) 34-15, Jr. over Alex DeSantiago (Lexington) 38-13, Sr. (Fall 1:24).

3rd Place Match

Peyton Brodrick (Adams Central) 33-14, Jr. over Zachary Hurlbert (Holdrege) 25-17, So. (SV-1 4-2).

138 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Ben Rodriguez of Scottsbluff

2nd Place - Devin Logston of Holdrege

3rd Place - Austin Garcia of Gering

4th Place - Lane Applegarth of Alliance

1st Place Match

Ben Rodriguez (Scottsbluff) 39-5, Jr. over Devin Logston (Holdrege) 22-6, Sr. (Dec 3-2).

3rd Place Match

Austin Garcia (Gering) 27-13, Fr. over Lane Applegarth (Alliance) 30-16, So. (Fall 2:55).

145 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Marc Zeckser of Adams Central

2nd Place - Tomas Margritz of Lexington

3rd Place - Rey Valdez of Alliance

4th Place - Kolton Heins of Cozad

1st Place Match

Marc Zeckser (Adams Central) 41-1, Jr. over Tomas Margritz (Lexington) 45-6, So. (Fall 5:47).

3rd Place Match

Rey Valdez (Alliance) 34-12, Jr. over Kolton Heins (Cozad) 33-14, Jr. (Dec 9-4).

152 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Derek Robb of Sidney

2nd Place - Jayden Miller of Gothenburg

3rd Place - Danny Vallejo of Alliance

4th Place - Elijah Blanco of Scottsbluff

1st Place Match

Derek Robb (Sidney) 36-1, So. over Jayden Miller (Gothenburg) 45-6, Sr. (Fall 2:28).

3rd Place Match

Danny Vallejo (Alliance) 41-8, Jr. over Elijah Blanco (Scottsbluff) 23-23, So. (Fall 4:41).

160 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Prestin Melroy of Holdrege

2nd Place - Emmanuel Cabello of Alliance

3rd Place - Carmelo Ozuna of Gering

4th Place - Dunncan Fassler of McCook

1st Place Match

Prestin Melroy (Holdrege) 32-5, So. over Emmanuel Cabello (Alliance) 42-7, Sr. (Dec 2-1).

3rd Place Match

Carmelo Ozuna (Gering) 32-16, So. over Dunncan Fassler (McCook) 24-18, Jr. (Fall 2:58).

170 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Bryant Wilson of Alliance

2nd Place - Gerald Kenkel of Ogallala

3rd Place - Cody Ybarra of Gering

4th Place - Corey Brown of Adams Central

1st Place Match

Bryant Wilson (Alliance) 41-8, Jr. over Gerald Kenkel (Ogallala) 37-10, Sr. (MD 12-0).

3rd Place Match

Cody Ybarra (Gering) 31-15, So. over Corey Brown (Adams Central) 29-21, Jr. (Dec 9-2).

182 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Tyler Zeigler of Adams Central

2nd Place - Kobe Paez of Scottsbluff

3rd Place - Eric Langan of McCook

4th Place - Noah Gugleman of Gothenburg

1st Place Match

Tyler Zeigler (Adams Central) 34-5, Sr. over Kobe Paez (Scottsbluff) 15-9, Jr. (Fall 4:17).

3rd Place Match

Eric Langan (McCook) 34-9, Jr. over Noah Gugleman (Gothenburg) 32-19, So. (Fall 0:25).

195 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Josue Ayala of Lexington

2nd Place - Jaret Matson of McCook

3rd Place - Ethan Mullen of Adams Central

4th Place - Curtis McMann of Chadron

1st Place Match

Josue Ayala (Lexington) 42-5, Sr. over Jaret Matson (McCook) 24-13, Jr. (Fall 3:30).

3rd Place Match

Ethan Mullen (Adams Central) 21-20, Jr. over Curtis McMann (Chadron) 21-18, Sr. (Dec 7-3).

220 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Kendall Oberheide of Adams Central

2nd Place - Bronson Titus of Holdrege

3rd Place - Kaleb Taylor of McCook

4th Place - Cody Hofrock of Sidney

1st Place Match

Kendall Oberheide (Adams Central) 39-2, Sr. over Bronson Titus (Holdrege) 30-8, So. (Dec 11-4).

3rd Place Match

Kaleb Taylor (McCook) 35-9, So. over Cody Hofrock (Sidney) 31-12, Sr. (Fall 1:23).

285 Results

Guaranteed Places

1st Place - Genaro Gurrola of Scottsbluff

2nd Place - Grant Packard of Ogallala

3rd Place - Zachary Wioskowski of Adams Central

4th Place - Nathan Lauder of Alliance

1st Place Match

Genaro Gurrola (Scottsbluff) 30-10, Jr. over Grant Packard (Ogallala) 28-14, Sr. (Fall 7:29).

3rd Place Match

Zachary Wioskowski (Adams Central) 27-15, So. over Nathan Lauder (Alliance) 23-22, So. (Dec 6-3).

Results for Gering @ NSAA - Class B - District 4 (02/12 - 02/13/2016)

113: Kale Hamilton (Gering) - DNP

Quarterfinals - Kaden Vowers (Sidney) over Kale Hamilton (Gering) (Fall 0:37)

Cons. Semis - Trevor Holley (Gothenburg) over Kale Hamilton (Gering) (Fall 4:22)

132: Aaron Tovar (Gering) - DNP

Champ. Round 1 - Jack Feddersen (Sidney) over Aaron Tovar (Gering) (SV-1 6-4)

Cons. Round 2 - Aaron Tovar (Gering) over Blake Hoffmaster (Cozad) (SV-1 9-7)

Cons. Round 3 - Zachary Hurlbert (Holdrege) over Aaron Tovar (Gering) (Dec 7-2)

138: Austin Garcia (Gering) - 3rd

Quarterfinals - Lane Applegarth (Alliance) over Austin Garcia (Gering) (Dec 5-2)

Cons. Round 3 - Austin Garcia (Gering) over Zaden Nelson (Adams Central) (Fall 0:38)

Cons. Semis - Austin Garcia (Gering) over Kane Wellnitz (Chadron) (For.)

3rd Place Match - Austin Garcia (Gering) over Lane Applegarth (Alliance) (Fall 2:55)

170: Cody Ybarra (Gering) - 3rd

Quarterfinals - Cody Ybarra (Gering) over Corey Brown (Adams Central) (SV-1 6-4)

Semifinals - Bryant Wilson (Alliance) over Cody Ybarra (Gering) (Dec 7-0)

Cons. Semis - Cody Ybarra (Gering) over Hayden Hubbard (Gothenburg) (Fall 2:53)

3rd Place Match - Cody Ybarra (Gering) over Corey Brown (Adams Central) (Dec 9-2)

195: Weston Hutson (Gering) - DNP

Champ. Round 1 - Pat Hudson (Gothenburg) over Weston Hutson (Gering) (Fall 0:54)

Cons. Round 2 - Baily Hood (Alliance) over Weston Hutson (Gering) (Fall 1:21)

285: Austin Duncan (Gering) - DNP

Quarterfinals - Zachary Wioskowski (Adams Central) over Austin Duncan (Gering) (Fall 5:06)

Cons. Round 3 - Austin Duncan (Gering) over Josh Reinhard (Gothenburg) (Fall 1:24)

Cons. Semis - Nathan Lauder (Alliance) over Austin Duncan (Gering) (Fall 1:47)

Andres Canales (Gering) - DNP

Quarterfinals - Marc Zeckser (Adams Central) over Andres Canales (Gering) (Fall 4:56)

Cons. Round 2 - Trevor Edwards (Ogallala) over Andres Canales (Gering) (Dec 8-4)

Conner Grant (Gering) - DNP

Champ. Round 1 - Mario Ybarra (Scottsbluff) over Conner Grant (Gering) (Fall 1:05)

Cons. Round 2 - Cody Knehans (Adams Central) over Conner Grant (Gering) (Fall 1:41)

Quintien Onstott (Gering) - DNP

Champ. Round 1 - Noah Gugleman (Gothenburg) over Quintien Onstott (Gering) (Fall 3:37)

Cons. Round 2 - Wyatt Schutte (Cozad) over Quintien Onstott (Gering) (MD 12-4)

Carmelo Ozuna (Gering) – 3rd

Quarterfinals - Carmelo Ozuna (Gering) over Nicholas Lindblad (Adams Central) (Fall 4:58)

Semifinals - Prestin Melroy (Holdrege) over Carmelo Ozuna (Gering) (Dec 8-4)

Cons. Semis - Carmelo Ozuna (Gering) over Josh Duncan (Lexington) (Dec 4-3)

3rd Place Match - Carmelo Ozuna (Gering) over Duncan Fassler (McCook) (Fall 2:58)

The Scottsbluff grapplers earned their runner-up title at the B-4 district meet in Sidney.
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