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Lincoln students raise funds by reading
March 18, 2016 Jerry Purvis   

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Courtesy Photo Lincoln Elementary School students are spending extra time reading this month as part of the school’s Read-A-Thon fundraising event.

Lincoln Elementary School students have been spending extra time reading this month as part of a Read-A-Thon event to raise money for Booster Club activities.

Misty West, a member of the Lincoln Elementary Booster Club, said the group heard about the reading event from Lincoln Principal Pam Barker. “She learned a school on the other side of the state was participating and thought it was really cool. We looked up the event and thought it was an awesome program.”

During the reading event, which runs through March 21, students can create their own web page on the Read-A-Thon site to collect donations. People can donate by going to read-a-thon.com/donate and enter 8912 for Lincoln Elementary.

The school gets involved by having 10 classroom reading sessions and members of the Booster Club also read to the kids.

“This is all about how many minutes the kids read,” West said.
“They’re trying to read 100 minutes each during the program. All the grades are participating at Lincoln.” So far, the kids are up to about 42,000 minutes of reading overall.

Booster Club President Jennifer Muhr said the program is going great so far. “My favorite part about it is we don’t have to sell anything. The kids spend time reading and donations can be done online. Parents and grandparents can also leave messages of encouragement. Those are really fun to read through.”

About 180 people have donated to the program so far, raising about $3,500. Muhr said they’d like to reach $6,000 to purchase a cart of 20 Chromebook computers for classroom use.

On March 11, West was in the Lincoln gymnasium to read “Make Way for Ducklings.” The reading is also interactive as kids watch as Google Maps tracks all the stops the ducklings make during their trip to Boston.

The business community is also invited to get involved with corporate sponsorships by going to the website. Muhr said Logoz and Greg’s Auto Body have signed on and she’s hoping for more support. For more information, call 308-641-6829.
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