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Tumblers heading for nat’l tourney
April 18, 2016 Jerry Purvis   

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Courtesy Photo Carpenter Center Tumblers qualifying for national competition are, from left in back: Head Coach Bobbi Youel, Kylie Brink, Camry Rowan, Ali Boswell, Tristin Strauch, Jesse McCaslin, Madison Seiler and Coach Lisa Salisbury. Middle row, from left: Brooke Margheim, Kaitlyn Moore, Taylor Hafeman, Katlin Bohlman, Carlee Todd and Berlynn Sanchez. Front row, from left: Natalee Bentley, Ailea Stitch and Teyla Huff.

In only their second year of competition, the Carpenter Center Tumblers qualified 10 athletes for the 2016 Star and Stripes Tramp and Tumbling Championships in Tulsa, Oklahoma July 20 – 24. This qualifying meet was April 2 at the Colorado State Tumbling Competition in Longmont. In addition to the 10 qualifiers, the Power Tumblers were able to bring home seven state champs, six second place medals, and eight third place medals.

“It’s been a really good year for us,” Head Coach Bobbi Youel said.

Fifteen kids went and we had so many more state champions than we did last year. We also added two new events in the trampoline and double mini-trampoline. We’ve only been doing that for about six months and had a great turnout.”

The sport of Trampoline and Tumbling consists of three events:
Trampoline, Double Mini, and Power Tumbling. In only two years of competing, six of the 10 athletes were able to qualify for two events.

About 120 kids participated in the program’s first year in 2015.

This year, the numbers are up around 215. The program is also raising money to help build a new practice facility at the Carpenter Center.

“This is a great program,” Youel said. “We started out with about 60 kids three years ago and have grown since then. The program gives the kids something to do during the day. It also helps them with hand and motor skills they can use once they get into school sports.”

The Carpenter Center Tumblers program starts with toddler age kids and goes up from there.

The Tumblers will be off to the Region 3 Championships in Fort Worth, Texas on April 28 – May 2 where they are hope to qualify for all three events.

Parents who might be interested in the program for their children are asked to contact Youel at the Carpenter Center, 308-635-8422.

State Championship Results:

Double Mini-Trampoline:

Tristin Strauch: 1st, Berlynn Sanchez: 2nd, Camry Rowan: 3rd, Kylie Brink: 3rd, Natalee Bentley: 3rd Madison Seiler: 4th, Ali Boswell: 5th, Katlin Bohlman 6th, Jesse McCaslin: 6th, Carlee Todd: 7th, Taylor Hafeman: 9th, Teyla Huff: 10th, Brooke
Mangheim: 11th, Kaitlin Moore: 12th,


Natalee Bentley: 1st, Ali Boswell: 1st, Camry Rowan: 1st, Madison Seiler: 2nd, Kaitlin Bohlman: 2nd, Kylie Brink: 2nd, Kaitlyn Moore: 2nd.Ailea Stitch: 3rd, Berlynn Sanchez: 3rd, Jesse McCaslin: 4th, Teyla Huff: 5th, Taylor Hafeman: 5th, Brooke Margneim: 7th, Carlee Todd: 8th,


Ailea Stitch: 1st, Tristin Strauch: 1st, Kaitlyn Moore: 1st, Kylie Brink: 2nd, Taylor Hafeman: 2nd, Camry Rowan: 3rd, Kaitlin Bohlman: 3rd, Ali Boswell: 3rd, Carlee Todd: 4th, Jesse McCaslin: 5th, Natalee Bentley: 5th, Teyla Huff: 7th, Brooke Magheim: 8th, Berlynn Sanchez: 9th, Madison Seiler: 10th.
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