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Minatare receives grant for music curriculum
May 06, 2016 Jerry Purvis   

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Jerry Purvis/Gering Citizen Minatare music teacher Stacey Sailors explains to her fourth grade class the proper fingering for playing the recorder. The class is practicing for an upcoming music show. This fall, the students will be learning from a music curriculum made possible by a grant from CenturyLink.

When Minatare Schools music teacher Stacey Sailors arrived at the elementary school gym Tuesday afternoon, she wasn’t expecting to see the entire student body. They were there for a special occasion.

Sailors was being awarded with a $5,000 grant from the CenturyLink Teachers and Technology program.

CenturyLink representative Stan Waterman presented Sailors with the standard “big check” for being chosen to receive funding.
Additional grants in the area were awarded to Gering Preschool, Lincoln Elementary, Cedar Canyon Elementary, and Bayard Elementary.

Sailors is in her first year of teaching music at both the high school and elementary schools in Minatare. When she arrived last fall, she saw a need for an updated music curriculum.

“I’d been testing out some different programs,” she said. “The Quavers music program was the one the kids really liked and I knew it would be a good one to implement in the elementary school.”

She said the program incorporates technology. The interactive and cloud-based lessons can be projected on a video screen.

“Everyone really liked the program and it made teaching more efficient,” she said. “But the cost of the curriculum, for a small district, was something we couldn’t afford without help.”

That’s when she started investigating grant opportunities and came across the Teachers and Technology program. She applied and awaited an answer. Then came the surprise ceremony to announce the award on May 3.

Sailors said she will work with the program over the summer and be ready to implement it into her music curriculum this fall.

Waterman said CenturyLink received more than 1,000 applications for Teachers and Technology grants this year alone, and 317 of them were awarded.
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