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No candy at Oregon Trail Days parade
May 20, 2016 Jerry Purvis   

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Starting this year, due to safety issues, throwing candy to kids who line 10th Street during Saturday’s Oregon Trail Days parade will no longer be allowed.

Jody Ruzicka, who was elected committee chair of the Oregon Trail Days Committee in February, said committee members had been considering prohibiting the practice of throwing candy during the parade. After looking further into the matter, members found other cities had implemented similar policies in the effort to keep kids out of the way of large moving vehicles.

The Oregon Trail Days candy policy has evolved. At first, it could be thrown from the parade floats, which changed to candy being handed out by parade representatives who walked alongside the floats. But that too, became a problem.

“Last year was really bad for candy being thrown out,” Ruzicka said. “The parade included a lot of big farm equipment and fire engines. The little kids were coming right out into the parade for candy. Their parents weren’t making them stand back. The police couldn’t even keep all of them back. We were worried about the liability; so, this year there will be no candy thrown.”

Vendors will also need to stay on the sidewalk and off the parade route.

In the past, a number of youth groups had sold water or soft drinks prior to the parade.

“Once the parade starts, the sidewalks are filled with spectators,” Ruzicka said. “Vendors will need to sell prior to the parade or set up on a street corner.”

Ruzicka said there will be other activities being planned after the big parade on Saturday, July 9. Legacy of the Plains Museum will host a barbecue from noon to 2 p.m. Kids games will also be featured.

Oregon Trail Days are scheduled this year for July 7-10.
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