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Good Morning friend!
Morrill Rendezvous Day, a tradition to be savored
July 22, 2016 Lisa Betz   

Jerry Purvis/Gering Citizen Terry Lyle, owner of The Rustic, and U-Save Mart, rides with grandson Immanuel Lyle and sister-in-law Vonda Soester in the Horse Creek Rendezvous Parade.

With Morrill’s 26th or 27th (organizers aren’t sure) Horse Creek Rendezvous Day in the books, co-organizer and parade grand marshal Pete Cawiezel had something to smile about.

“I think we had an excellent turnout,” Cawiezel said about events on July 9 celebrating the Horse Creek Treaty between the federal government and Native American tribes. The agreement gave safe passage to settlers passing through, and certain provisions to t...

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