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Classic cars featured at Rendezvous
July 22, 2016 Jerry Purvis   

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Jerry Purvis/Gering Citizen Dean Kuncl of Morrill brought his 1956 Ford Fairlane to the city park for the annual Horse Creek Rendezvous Day car show.

Dean Kuncl of Morrill, who helps organize the car show at the annual Horse Creek Rendezvous Day, said his career as a car body and paint technician was a practical decision.

“I have a 1956 Ford Fairlane. It was the first car I ever owned,” Dean said. “It was my grandmother’s car, and I wrecked it in high school. That’s why I became a body man and have a shop here in Morrill.”

The show, which is a staple of Morrill’s annual summer celebration, is organized by Rodders and Friends. It started in 1990, when the celebration was still Morrill Appreciation Day. Dean’s father, Ron Kuncl, organized the first event and usually liked to have about 50 cars on display in the city park for the day.

This year, 45 classic cars were parked around the park which is about what the show can handle. Featured cars included everything from late model Chevrolet Corvettes all the way back to a 1927 Ford Model T from an owner in Henry.

The Horse Creek Rendezvous Day was organized by the Morrill Development Group, of which Ron Kuncl was one of its early members.
His son Dean is now a member of the group. Although they’ve slowed down some, members still organize several events during the year.

“In addition to Horse Creek Rendezvous Day, we also have the Christmas Stroll celebration in December,” Dean said. “We also pick up trash outside of town.”

He said the unusual thing about the Morrill Development Group is there’s no president or dues. “No one is really in charge, but if someone comes up with a good idea, they’re in charge of it. It’s really a good organization.”
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