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Good Morning friend!
Platte Valley Companies turns 20
August 05, 2016 Jerry Purvis   

Jerry Purvis/Gering Citizen Hod Kosman presents Bank Examiner Ross Palmer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City with a Platte Valley Companies coffee mug for his trip back to Omaha. Palmer was in the area to meet with PVC executives and help them observe 20 years of offering financial services to the area.

On July 21, with the temperature pushing triple digits, the staff at Platte Valley Companies gathered at the Scottsbluff main bank for a huge picnic to thank the community for their support as the company celebrated its 20th anniversary.

It was 1996 when a new bank opened its doors to the community, based on faith, family, and hard work. The bank started with 27 associates and no customers in a building that had wheels under it. To...

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