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Teen Voice: Having Faith, the world is beautiful
August 12, 2016 Faith Reisig   

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Editorís note: Faith Reisig is a junior in Choices, an alternative education program at Scottsbluff High School. She will be contributing Teen Columnist this year at the Gering Citizen, with the focus on offering unique insights into the lives of young people.

Faith is a word that means, essentially, belief. Not only is it my name, but faith is an indication of who I am and the precepts I live by. I believe in myself. Confidence is essential.

As a high school student, having knowledge as to who I am and what I believe is imperative. I have faith in myself that allows me to withstand people who may not believe in me. That said, as a teenager, I go through periods of great change as I try new things, discover my passion, and try to be the best person I can be.

Part of believing in myself is being OK with that, embracing the fact that I may feel like 15 different people in one day, but I am still myself and capable of compassion, success, and beauty. As I grow and change, this process of self-evolution and the need to accept myself are key factors in my life.

I believe in humanity. Terrible things happen in the world every day. However, I believe that people, as a whole, are making great progress. In the aftermath of catastrophe and pain individuals do amazing things to improve life for others. As long as a problem is apparent an empathetic and educated populace will be able to find a solution. Some problems will never go away completely, but I look at men and women making tremendous sacrifice to help others and believe the world is a beautiful place. I hope to celebrate the people making changes to the world and attempt to make similar change.

I believe that every life influences those around it, and that means every life has value. As an artist, I focus on storytelling through creation; acting, sewing, painting, sketching, and writing. The only way for people to understand one another is to share experiences, knowledge, and entertainment.

As a high school student I am involved in multiple activities; one act, show choir, speech, mock trial, and musical. I am a student through the CHOICES program offered at Scottsbluff, an alternative nature. You canít go on an adventure without bringing home a story.

The faith I have in myself, the people around me, and the stories we have to tell gives me a unique perspective on the world around me. I invite you to share that as I begin to write for the Citizen.
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