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Teen Voice: Take me out to the ball game
September 02, 2016 Faith Reisig   

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I do not play sports. I’ve tried soccer, cross country, softball, and a few others, always to disastrous results.

“Faith, you’re the only person I’ve ever seen never get better,” one of my friends told me about my (lack of) athletic ability.

I suffered through required P.E. credits feeling like I was going to die from a lack of oxygen, a muscle cramp, or embarrassment.

Oddly enough, not everyone seems to share my distaste for all things involving physical activity. In fact, my sister is a freshman who plays on both the junior varsity, and varsity softball teams at our high school, as well as various basketball, soccer, and track teams.

So, when my parents announced we were going to a Colorado Rockies-Chicago Cubs game, she was thrilled. I, on the other hand, was not.
With the tickets already purchased and no good excuses, I was stuck going to a baseball game.

It’s worth noting that, despite playing softball, I have very limited knowledge of how the sport actually functions. I kept referring to the “hitters” until my sister informed me that the proper term was “batters,” and thought that the Rockies played in Mile High Stadium.

On game day, we drove to Denver, stopping to pick up my Grandma on the way. Wearing a Rockies shirt, she was the only member of our family not rooting for the Cubs.

Game day traffic was predictably busy, and we got a parking spot that seemed like it was 15 miles from the game itself, especially with the temperature over 90 degrees.

Once we got to the place where the game was actually played, things improved dramatically. Not only was there air conditioning, but there also was a lot of food being sold. I may not like sports, but I do like food.

Getting there an hour before the start of the game gave us plenty of time to find our seats, get some of that amazing ballpark food, and see all of the pregame rituals and commercials.

I don’t really remember much of the game itself, but I did read a very good book while it was happening. Once I finished said book, I even watched a few of the “batters” perform. And, while it took me a bit to figure out how the scoreboard worked, I was able to stand up and cheer with the rest of the Cubbies fans when one of our guys hit the ball really far. The Cubs did end up losing, but I survived the game, and even enjoyed it!

All in all, it was a very educational day.

While I won’t be signing up for sports any time soon, I did try something new and learned a lot. For example, I now know that baseball has nine innings per game. As we got lost on the drive back to the interstate, I realized that I could have fun at a sporting event and, furthermore, it hadn’t killed me to try understanding all those crazy sports people.
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