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Policy change gives home schooled more opportunities
September 23, 2016 Faith Reisig   

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At the Scottsbluff Public School Board meeting on September 12, board members voted to change policy regarding dual enrollment procedures. The change will affect local homeschooled students who currently attend or plan to attend some classes at a Scottsbluff public school.

The former policy limited the number of classes a student could take and the kinds of classes available. Previously, each student was allowed to be in two classes at a public school (or 90 minutes for the elementary schools) and classes had to be electives, such as art or music.

Now, instead of having a maximum number of classes, students have to be present at the school for a minimum number of classes and are free to attend as many as they choose. Students are now allowed to take core classes, such as science and math. In addition, the policy changes allow homeschooled students from outside city limits to take classes, which they were unable to do before.

“A big piece of our community is homeschool families,” said Rick Myles, district superintendent. “We want to meet the needs of all community members.”

The new policy is designed to address that portion of the community and ensure home schooled students have many opportunities to participate in the school system.

“Even if they are here only three periods a day, they (homeschooled students) are still part of our student body,” Myles said.

“Homeschoolers always benefit when they are offered greater choices.” said Laura Leggott, head of the Valley Home School Association. “As homeschool parents we weigh out each opportunity with how it fits with our overall plan for our children, as well as their special needs, gifts, and interests.”

The Valley Home School Association, or VHSA, offers many opportunities for homeschooled students, including group classes, support groups, and field trips.

“The ability to take a class through Scottsbluff Public Schools can be one more tool in the toolbox of a homeschool parent who is careful crafting a child’s education to fit them,” Leggott said.
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