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Prairie Arts Studio to reopen
December 02, 2016 Jerry Purvis   

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Courtesy photo/ Certified Pilates Instructor Stacy Hanway displays the Wunda Chair, specialized Pilates equipment that allows over 250 movement patterns which isolate the core muscles. Hanway will teach group mat classes and private individual Reformer sessions at Prairie Arts Studio in Gering starting December 12.

Beginning Monday, Dec. 12, Prairie Arts Studio in downtown Gering will again be open to offer a variety of classes for people who want to expand their horizons.

Pilates mat classes and private reformer sessions with certified Pilates instructor Stacy Hanway will begin immediately, with a variety of other classes to follow. Studio owner Lisa Betz-Marquez is currently seeking a yoga instructor to teach classes at the studio in the future.

Pilates is a form of rehabilitative fitness specializing in core strength. “The general age range of my students is between 35 and 55, although I do have a student who’s 81,” Hanway said. “I have both men and women in my classes and I’d like to encourage more men to give it a try.”

Hanway will be teaching group mat classes at the studio, including a mommy and me class. Her certification includes working with the specialized equipment developed for Pilates. Equipment based reformer training will be offered as private sessions. “I work with people one-on-one so I can tailor the movements for their specific needs based on instabilities I see or what the student wants to focus on,” she said. “It could be for back problems, knees, shoulders or other joints.”

She said Pilates movement patterns can isolate the entire body simultaneously. It breaks the mold of what people think fitness has to be.

“You can work out just as hard in a slow, controlled movement pattern that isolates all the muscles, as opposed to a standard gym setting where you can easily hurt yourself,” she said.

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates during World War I to help rehabilitate injured soldiers who were bedridden and wheelchair bound.

Instead of bulking the muscles, Pilates elongates and tones the muscles into a ballet type of body structure. It also helps with balance and posture, which can become an issue for some people as they age.

Hanway said she became involved in Pilates as a student in rehabilitation after a 2002 accident. The education process to become certified by the Pilates Method Alliance is rigorous, requiring 450+ hours of education. It emphasizes an understanding of anatomy and the causes and treatments for a number of muscle injuries. Hanway was required to complete an internship, studio hours and examinations to become certified. She has been teaching Pilates in Bridgeport through her Transcend Pilates Studio since March 2016 and looks forward to bringing Pilates to Gering. For more information on classes, call Hanway at 308-225-3141. Health Savings Accounts are accepted for students who qualify.

Betz-Marquez said she will offer a number of different classes, such as an after school storytelling class for young people, acting workshops, and special offerings with guest teachers and artists.

An artist of the month will show their work in the gallery space as well. In January, Jessica Rocha of Jesse Mae’s Photography’s work will be featured.

On Saturday, Jan. 21, an author’s reception and book signing is planned at 6:30 p.m. for writer and historian M. Tim Nolting of Bushnell. Volume 1 of his book “101 Yesterdays” will be available for purchase. It contains 50 selected columns from the past six years.

Both Tim and his poet/songwriter wife Deb will be performing that evening.

Prairie Arts Studio will also feature a healing room. Betz-Marquez, who has been a Reiki Master and teacher since 2005, will have a healing room in the studio to offer the Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing of the mind, body, and spirit. The technique is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen life force energy or Ki flows through all life, which can be channeled for healing and relaxation.

Visit Prairie Arts Studio on Facebook for information about class schedules and events.

To contact Betz-Marquez about teaching yoga or to make an appointment for Reiki, call 308-672-1114.

Prairie Arts Studio is located at 1447 10th Street, Gering.
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