Scottsbluff wins Alliance Track Meet
     2015-04-23      By Philip Eckerberg   
Photos by Roger Holsinger Photography - Scottsbluff sprinter Shanell Primes leads her teammates during the preliminaries of the 100-meter dash. Primes won her heat and placed second in the event while placing first in the 200-meter dash. 
It was called the Alliance Invitational Track Meet, but it was a most unusual day. After several days of rain the track meet started under gray skies before clearing up about noon. Shotput and discus splashed when they hit the ground. Alliance people were judging the track meet; however, due to a continuing problem with the Alliance track the meet was held at Scottsbluff High School. There were two divisions of larger school varsity, and small schools with junior varsities.

Whether the location gave Scottsbluff the home field advantage is not known but the Bearcat boys and girls teams swept Division I in team points. Division I boys team points: 1.Scottsbluff 175, 2.Alliance 110, 3.Chadron 78, 4.Gering 75, 5.North Platte 70, 6.Banner County 16. Division I girls team points: 1.Scottsbluff 174, 2.North Platte 133.5, 3.Gering 108, 4.Alliance 71.5, 5.Chadron 18.

Division I highlights start with the boys in the 800 with Scottsbluff’s Collin Maag getting the gold in 800 meters at 2:08.33. Fellow Bearcat Shane Burkey added to the medals with first place finishes in the 1600 at 4:46.54 and the 3200 at 10:14.45. Banner County Wildcat Tyson Dahlgrin snagged their only win in the 110 meter hurdles at 16.09. Gering Bulldog Jeff Schmidt took the win in the 300 meter hurdles in 41.44.
The Gering 4x800 relay team of Kyle Upp, Jacey Shaul, Keenean Fogle, and Xavier Arrellano took the gold and crossed the line at 8:53.76. Isaac De Los Santos nailed the shotput at 46-07.25. Gering’s Esai Hernandez picked up a win in the discus at 149-02. Bearcat Trevor Garcia pole vaulted 13-06 for a first place. Brian Johnston from Scottsbluff took the win in the triple jump at 40-04.75.

On the girls side Scottsbluff won the 200 when Shanell Primes crossed the line at 27.62. Fellow Bearcat Taylor Muncie nailed the 800 at 2:26.78. Gering’s Kali Rimington took gold in the 1600 at 5:55.87. Whitney Riesen led a sweep of the podium by Scottsbluff in the 3200 with a time of 12:20.22.

Scottsbluff ‘s Kyra Willats added to the golds for her team with a 17.02 win in the 100 meter hurdles and a 50.56 win in the 300 hurdles. The Gering 4x400 relay team of Shae Kaus, Victoria Schwartz, Lauren Shaul, and Rebekah Rawlings took the win at 4:20.50. The Gering 4x800 team of Victoria Schwartz, Lauren Shaul, Kali Rimington, and Julia Ybarra snagged the win with 10:23.69. Bearcat Sierra Betancur took first in the discus with a throw splashing down at 107-08.

Gering Head Coach Randy Plummer said “Even though we have not won a track meet this year, the coaches have been very pleased with the effort our kids have put forth and improvement they have made thus far. This week we send the varsity to the Twilight Invitational in Scottsbluff while the Junior Varsity will compete in Morrill. The Best of the West is next Tuesday in Scottsbluff and the athletes are still trying to post marks that will qualify them for that meet.”

Scottsbluff Head Coach Jim Barker said “We had a great day, for both boys and girls. I thought our depth really came through, the kids stepped it up. We had an all out super good day in track and field.” Coach Barker felt that the home field advantage helped out “to a certain point, you don’t have to travel, you get to sleep in your own bed, and you don’t have to leave early. This Friday we are at home and we don’t have to travel for that. It does help to be at home. We like to go on the road but anytime you can get good competition here we are happy to stay at home and have track and field meets.”

Division II saw Southeast High School from Yoder taking first in boy’s team points with Crawford taking first in girl’s team points. Division II Boys 1.Southeast 108, 2.Lingle-Fort Laramie 101, 3.Potter-Dix 72, 4.Niobrara County 70, 5.Gering 39, 6.Minatare 34, 7.Guernsey-Sunrise 28, 8North Platte 27, 9.Crawford 21, 10.Scottsbluf 14, 11.Chadron 1, 11.Banner County 1, 11.Alliance 1.

Division II girls: 1.Crawford 94, 2.Potter-Dix 77, 3.Lingle-Fort Laramie 74, 4.Southeast 57, 5.Niobrara County 54, 6.Gering 47, 7.Banner County 32, 8.Sioux County 26, 9.North Platte 22.33, 10.Minatare 11, 11.Alliance 8, 12.Scottsbluff 4.66, 13.Guernsey-Sunrise 2.

Local athletes boys division II highlights start with Minatare’s Juan Garfio winning third in the 100 12.04 and 400 at 55.08. Tyler Koke, also of Minatare earned second in the 110 hurdles at 17.32. Garfio took second in the 300 hurdles at 43.53. Girls Division II highlights include Franki Doty of Minatare coming in second in the 1600 with 6:23.14. Banner County’s MaKenna Dahlgrin took second in shotput, 32-04.25 and Discus 88-02.

Boys Results Division I

100 Meters 1.Jackson Dickerson11.25 Chadron, 2.Benjamin Heggem11.68Scottsbluff, 3.Klayton Nordeen 11.77Alliance, 4.Brendinh Sayaloune12.02 Chadron, 5.Naleka Sayaloune12.16 Chadron, 6.Brad Johnston 12.30Scottsbluff.
200 Meters1.Jackson Dickerson22.91Chadron, 2.Brody Brennan23.27Alliance, 3.Matthew Richardson23.57Scottsbluff, 4.Cody Robinson23.58Alliance, 5.Benjamin Heggem 23.59Scottsbluff, 6.Brendinh Sayaloune 23.99Chadron, 7.Trevor Garcia24.02Scottsbluff.
400 Meters 1.Brody Brennan51.81Alliance, 2. Matthew Richardson52.43Scottsbluff, 3.Joey Godinez 53.39 Gering, 4.Collin Maag 56.41Scottsbluff, 5.Baden Shelmadine 56.69Alliance, 6.Seth Kost 59.41North Platte.

800 Meters 1.Collin Maag 2:08.33 Scottsbluff, 2.DJ Weare2:11.58Alliance, 3.Kyle Upp2:12.51Gering, 4.Ramon Chavez2:14.99 Scottsbluff, 5.Adam Sanchez 2:15.61North Platte, 6.Hendrick Gajewski 2:17.17Chadron, 7.Xavier Arellano2:19.03Gering, 8.Robby Simmons 2:23.13Scottsbluff.

1600 Meters1.Shane Burkey4:46.54 Scottsbluff, 2.Josh Hergenreder4:50.82 Scottsbluff, 3.Jesse Jaramillo 5:03.82Scottsbluff, 4.KeeneanFogle5:04.30Gering, 5.Tyler Ogden5:07.91 North Platte, 6.Isaac Banuelos 5:09.84 North Platte, 7.Jacey Shaul5:14.58Gering.

3200 Meters1.Shane Burkey10:14.45Scottsbluff, 2.Jesse Jaramillo10:59.96Scottsbluff, 3.Noah Hergenreder 11:29.33Scottsbluff, 4.Tyler Ward 11:34.43North Platte, 5.Liam Simon 12:01.48 Chadron, 6.Dexter Applegarth 12:10.16 Chadron.
110 Meter Hurdles1.Tyson Dahlgrin16.09Banner County, 2.Matthew Holloway16.13 Scottsbluff, 3.Jeff Schmidt 16.14Gering, 4.Tyler Aden 16.29 North Platte, 5.Marcus Fernandez 16.48 Chadron, 6.Bryant Wilson17.58 Alliance.
300 Meter Hurdles1.Jeff Schmidt41.44Gering, 2.Tyler Aden42.35North Platte, 3.Tyson Dahlgrin42.59Banner County, 4.Brendan Brehmer42.68 Alliance, 5.Traceten Halley 43.88Scottsbluff, 6.Connor States44.27 North Platte, 7.Matthew Holloway44.69 Scottsbluff.

4x100 Relay1.Josh Ellis, Brody Brennan, Cody Robinson, Klayton Nordeen 45.07 Alliance; 2.Jackson Dickerson, Naleka Sayaloune, Curtis McMann, Brendinh Sayaloune, 45.22 Chadron; 3.Trevor Garcia, Brad Johnston, Benjamin Heggem, Traceten Halley45.96 Scottsbluff;4.Cade Cox, Drew Smith, Braiden Ruffin, Brandon Enyeart47.31 North Platte; 5.Deion Contreras, Joey Godinez, Jacob Rocheleau, Alex Duncan47.33Gering.
4x400 Relay 1.Josh Ellis, Klayton Nordeen, Cody Robinson, Brody Brennan 3:32.42Alliance, 2.Joey Godinez, Deion Contreras, Alex Duncan, Jeff Schmidt 3:37.33Gering; 3.Matthew Richardson, Matthew Barraza, Collin Maag, Jackson Hinze 3:37.93Scottsbluff; 4.Brandon Enyeart, Drew Smith, Tyler Aden, Adam Sanchez 3:58.42North Platte.

4x800 Relay 1.Kyle Upp, Jacey Shaul, Keenean Fogle, Xavier Arellano8:53.76 Gering, 2.Brendan Brehmer, Jorgen Johnson, Truen Henderson, DJ Weare 8:59.45Alliance; 3.Josh Hergenreder, Noah Hergenreder, Robby Simmons, Ramon Chavez9:07.51 Scottsbluff; 4.Adam Sanchez, Tyler Ogden, Tanner Haws, Isaac Banuelos9:12.63 North Platte; 5.HendrickGajewski, Nate Dodd, Brayden Richardson, Sam Rischling 9:47.09Chadron.
Shot Put 1. Isaac De Los Santos 46-07.25Scottsbluff, 2.Tanner Kickland 45-07.75 Chadron, 3.Shane Smith 44-00.25 Scottsbluff, 4.Nathan McGahan41-09.75 North Platte, 5.Esai Hernandez 41-05.75Gering, 6.Alex Closson 41-02.75 Gering.

Discus1. Esai Hernandez 149-02Gering, 2.Kyle Krantz 143-02Alliance, 3.Alex Fritzler 133-05Chadron, 4.Brandon Junker 128-02North Platte, 5.Nathan Lauder 116-08 Alliance, 6.Nathan McGahan 114-06 North Platte, 7.Isaac De Los Santos 114-06 Scottsbluff, 8.Mitchell Marietta 113-11Gering, 9.Alex Closson 102-09Gering.

High Jump1.Payton Smith5-10.00North Platte, 2.Trevor Ridenour5-08.00Alliance, 3.Matthew Holloway5-08.00 Scottsbluff, 4.Landon Walker5-06.00Scottsbluff, 5.Keaton Ebbers5-04.00Gering, 6.Tucker Hill5-04.00Alliance, 7.Tyler Pszanka5-02.00Gering.
Pole Vault1.Trevor Garcia13-06.00Scottsbluff, 2.Branden Hansen13-00.00North Platte, 3.Josh Ellis12-06.00Alliance, 4.Rob Price11-06.00Scottsbluff, 5.Kylan Rhodes11-06.00North Platte, 6.Jacob Harvey11-06.00North Platte, 7.Joe Ritzen10-06.00Chadron, 8.Spencer Powell10-00.00Gering, 9.Ramon Villalobos9-06.00Gering.

Long Jump1. KlaytonNordeen 20-02.50Alliance, 2.Jackson Dickerson20-01.25 Chadron, 3.Brian Johnston 19-01.00 Scottsbluff, 4.Brendinh Sayaloune 18-08.00 Chadron, 5.Kylan Rhodes18-08.00 North Platte, 6.Curtis McMann17-10.00 Chadron.

Triple Jump1. Brian Johnston40-04.75Scottsbluff, 2.Quentin Timblin39-08.50 Gering, 3.Marcus Fernandez 37-03.50Chadron, 4.Tucker Hill 37-03.50Alliance, 5.Treyvon Bokoskie 37-03.50 North Platte, 6.Kylan Rhodes 35-05.50 North Platte.
Girls Results100 Meters 1.Madison Raska13.06 North Platte, 2.Shanell Primes13.15Scottsbluff, 3.Kathy Mathieu13.44 North Platte, 4.Taylor Noe13.71Scottsbluff, 5.Remingten Elsen13.77 North Platte, 6.Kaetlyn Todd14.01 Gering.
200 Meters1.Shanell Primes27.62 Scottsbluff, 2.Kathy Mathieu 28.64 North Platte, 3.Shae Kaus28.91 Gering, 4.Avery Krentz 29.15 Scottsbluff, 5.Kyler Behrends 29.30 Chadron, 6.Madison Morgan 29.31 Alliance.

400 Meters 1.Tierney McPike 63.23 North Platte, 2.Victoria Schwartz 63.43 Gering, 3.Shayleigh James 63.96 Scottsbluff, 4.Shae Kaus 64.77Gering, 5.Kyler Behrends 64.81Chadron, 6.Kaylee Bohnsack 66.21Gering, 7.Jaelynn Muhr 69.22Scottsbluff.
800 Meters1.Taylor Muncie 2:26.78 Scottsbluff, 2.Shayleigh James 2:30.66 Scottsbluff, 3.Lauren Shaul 2:34.45 Gering, 4.Kelsey Adamson2:40.61 Alliance, 5.Madison Stark 2:42.67Alliance, 6.Mikayla Ward 2:44.02North Platte.

1600 Meters 1.Kali Rimington 5:55.87Gering, 2.Julia Ybarra 6:07.27 Gering, 3.Julianne Dickerson 6:15.59 Chadron, 4.Mikayla Ward 6:23.68 North Platte, 5.Dani Carter 6:24.06 Alliance, 6.Krista Holzworth 6:26.96 Scottsbluff.
3200 Meters 1.Whitney Riesen 12:20.22 Scottsbluff, 2.Tayler Gipe 13:40.18 Scottsbluff, 3.Krista Holzworth 13:59.57 Scottsbluff.

100 Meter Hurdles 1.Kyra Willats 17.02 Scottsbluff, 2.Madison Reiber 17.18Alliance, 3.Kaetlyn Todd17.50 Gering, 4.Lauren Block 17.66 Alliance, 5.Mana Garcia 17.92 Scottsbluff, 6.Kai Didier 18.43 Scottsbluff, 7.Jade Riedel 18.47 Gering.
300 Meter Hurdles 1.Kyra Willats 50.56 Scottsbluff, 2.Mana Garcia 50.57 Scottsbluff, 3.Jade Riedel 51.61 Gering, 4.Madison Reiber 52.86 Alliance, 5.Dana Dunbar 52.88 Chadron, 6.Kai Didier 53.97 Scottsbluff.

4x100 Relay1.Sydney Nordeen, Madison Reiber, Hanna Swanson, Mickenzie Brennan 52.54 Alliance; 2.Taylor Noe, Shanell Primes, Avery Krentz, Kyra Willats 52.74 Scottsbluff; 3.Kaetlyn Todd, Sarah Lang, Jade Riedel, Shae Kaus 55.84 Gering;
4x400 Relay 1.Shae Kaus, Victoria Schwartz, Lauren Shaul, Rebekah Rawlings 4:20.50 Gering; 2.Taylor Muncie, Taylor Noe, Whitney Riesen, Shayleigh James 4:22.64 Scottsbluff; 3.Greta Welch, Chandler Hageman, Dana Dunbar, Kyler Behrends 4:24.54 Chadron; 4.Hanna Swanson, Kelsey Adamson, Sydney Nordeen, Kaylee McDonald 4:25.04 Alliance; 5.Tierney McPike, Hannah Hays, Bailey Wood, Kathy Mathieu 4:31.07 North Platte.

4x800 Relay 1.Victoria Schwartz, Lauren Shaul, Kali Rimington, Julia Ybarra 10:23.69 Gering; 2.Kelsey Adamson, Dani Carter, Kaylee McDonald, Hanna Swanson 10:44.29 Alliance; 3.Bailey Wood, Phebe Pavelka, Kelaney Stalker, Mikayla Ward 11:12.86 North Platte.

Shot Put 1.Hope Wilke 36-11.50 North Platte, 2.Precious Williams 35-05.50 Alliance, 3.Sierra Betancur 34-11.50 Scottsbluff, 4.Brianna Eckerberg 34-04.75 Gering, 5.Abbie Luger 34-02.00 Alliance, 6.Sariah Grant 31-00.50 Alliance, 7.Dakota Wademan 31-00.00 Gering, 8.Brooke Doggett 29-10.50 Gering.

Discus 1.Sierra Betancur 107-08 Scottsbluff, 2.Hope Wilke 107-02 North Platte, 3.Dakota Wademan 98-08 Gering, 4.Brooke Doggett 97-08 Gering, 5.Sariah Grant 97-08 Alliance, 6.Precious Williams 93-High Jump 1.Tierney McPike 4-10.00 North Platte, 2.McKeltie Imus 4-08.00 Gering, 3. GabbyMenghini 4-06.00 North Platte, 4.Anna Yanke 4-06.00 Scottsbluff, 5.Josie Otto 4-04.00 Alliance.

Pole Vault 1.Rachel Kosmacek 8-06.00 North Platte, 2.Ruby Fernandez 8-00.00 Scottsbluff, 3.Mikenzi Wiseman 8-00.00 North Platte, 4.Tiersa Darley 8-00.00 Scottsbluff, 5.Shae Toof 7-06.00 Alliance, 6.Alyssa Leach 7-06.00 Scottsbluff.
Long Jump1.Madison Raska 16-10.00 North Platte, 2.Hannah Hays 15-02.00 North Platte, 3.Hannah McQuistan 14-00.50 Scottsbluff, 4.Madison Morgan 13-11.75 Alliance, 5.Madison Stark 13-00.50 Alliance, 6.Carlee Brester 12-11.00 Gering, 7.Jenna Hastings 12-02.00 Gering, 8.Rebecca Brenner 10-11.50 Gering.

Triple Jump 1.Alex Hoatson 30-06.00 North Platte, 2.Avery Krentz 30-04.00 Scottsbluff, 3.Avah Jacobson 30-02.00 North Platte, 4.Hannah McQuistan 29-02.50 Scottsbluff, 5.Carlee Brester 28-07.00 Gering, 6.Jenna Hastings 26-01.00 Gering.

Boys Results

100 Meters 1.Kelsey Rozelle 11.79 Potter-Dix, 2.Wyatt Ross 11.96 Southeast, 3.Juan Garfio 12.04 Minatare, 4.Pedro Soto 12.06 Southeast, 5.DallenFleenor 12.17 Lingle-Fort Laramie, 6.Jacob Cushman 12.18 Southeast, 7.Joe Collett 12.64 Scottsbluff.
200 Meters 1.Wyatt Ross 24.16 Southeast, 2.Jacob Cushman 24.73 Southeast, 3.Colten Wunder 24.76 Lingle-Fort Laramie, 4.Joe Collett 25.63 Scottsbluff, 5.Pedro Soto 25.91 Southeast, 6.Riley Ross 26.03 Niobrara County, 7.Micah Wicker 26.35 Banner County.
400 Meters 1.Cooper Hicks 53.22 Potter-Dix, 2.Treasure Hollister 54.29 Guernsey-Sunrise, 3.Juan Garfio 55.08 Minatare, 4.Landon Fuller 55.17 Lingle-Fort Laramie, 5.Chris Gaston 56.14 Scottsbluff, 6.Samuel Bogert 57.30Potter-Dix.

800 Meters 1.Landon Fuller 2:08.10 Lingle-Fort Laramie, 2.Adam Kraft 2:12.72 Niobrara County, 3.Christian Arellano 2:13.26 Gering, 4.Treasure Hollister 2:17.14 Guernsey-Sunrise, 5.Jacob Schmitt 2:17.29 Southeast, 6.Jacob Barnes 2:18.01 Guernsey-Sunrise, 7.Raphael Rios 2:20.98 Scottsbluff, 8.Adam Moreno 2:22.49 Minatare, 9.Brayden Richardson 2:24.85 Chadron.

1600 Meters 1.Chase Lovercheck 5:13.16 Southeast, 2.Brock Lay 5:15.03 Lingle-Fort Laramie, 3.Pan Dishman 5:20.45 North Platte, 4. Camron Sheets 5:25.02 North Platte, 5.Tanner Walker5 :25.64 Gering, 6.Jashwa Alan Cummings 5:27.68 Chadron.
3200 Meters 1.Chase Lovercheck 11:16.56 Southeast, 2.Tanner Walker 11:28.77 Gering, 3.Trevor Nelson 11:41.96 Crawford, 4.Camron Sheets 12:00.91 North Platte, 5.William Fish 12:55.16 Niobrara County, 6.Andrew Smith 13:14.30 Crawford.

110 Meter Hurdles 1.Colt Wilson 17.31 Southeast, 2.Tyler Koke 17.32 Minatare, 3.Cooper Hicks, 18.06 Potter-Dix Public, 4.Riley Grote 18.46 Gering, 5.Elijah Blanco 18.49 Scottsbluff, 6.Kishon Contreras 19.28 Scottsbluff , 7.Nick Bussard 19.97 North Platte, 8.Luciano Palomo 20.60 Gering.

300 Meter Hurdles 1.Cooper Hicks 42.60 Potter-Dix, 2.Juan Garfio 43.53 Minatare, 3.Colt Wilson 43.69 Southeast, 4.Riley Grote 44.57 Gering, 5.Brady Fullmer 47.30 Southeast, 6.Kishon Contreras 47.36 Scottsbluff.

4x100 Relay 1.Wyatt Ross, Jacob Cushman, Matt Fisher, Porter Ross 47.96 Southeast; 2.DallenFleenor, Taylor Wagner, KC Henry, Colten Wunder 48.42 Lingle-Fort Laramie; 3.Ryan Gilkey, Adam Kraft, Riley Ross, Traylin Bruegger 48.89 Niobrara County.
4x400 Relay 1.DallenFleenor, Landon Fuller, Colten Wunder, Taylor Wagner 3:47.17 Lingle-Fort Laramie; 2.Colt Wilson, Porter Ross, Brady Fullmer, Matt Fisher 3:55.82 Southeast; 3.Nehemiah Palomo, Noah Vogel, Riley Grote, Christian Arellano 3:59.59 Gering, 4.Riley Ross, Taten Gaukel, Chris Konija, Levi Konija 4:09.43 Niobrara County; 5.Chris Gaston, Joe Collett, Chase Wells, Kishon Contreras 4:10.48 Scottsbluff; 6.Bryson Krull, Trevor Mason, Dalton Major, Pan Dishman 4:30.00 North Platte.

4x800 Relay 1.Brock Lay, Colton Gilchriest, Matthew Wagner, Kelly Peterson 9:33.14 Lingle-Fort Laramie; 2.Noah Vogel, Ricky Saenz, Austin Rogers, Alex Salazar, 9:49.66 Gering; 3.Kyle Anderson, Levi Konija, Chris Konija, Jacob Haney 9:58.33 Niobrara County; 4.Joe Roessler, Pan Dishman, Dakota Conell, Chris Dannatt 10:02.89 North Platte.

Shot Put 1.Martin Fitzwater 55-04.50 Niobrara County, 2.Tyler Hunt 44-04.25 Lingle-Fort Laramie, 3.Sterling Swank 43-06.50 Southeast, 4.Barry Greenwald 43-00.50 Lingle-Fort Laramie, 5.Kain Forbes 38-06.50 Crawford, 6.Bryce Olsen 38-05.00 Banner County, 7.Wade Blue 37-03.25 Gering.

Discus 1.Martin Fitzwater 148-01 Niobrara County, 2.Barry Greenwald 135-01 Lingle-Fort Laramie, 3.Taylor Alcorn 125-11 Crawford, 4.Sterling Swank 125-09 Southeast, 5.Blain Prado 112-00 Lingle-Fort Laramie, 6.Bradley Green 107-01 Lingle-Fort Laramie.
High Jump 1.Kelsey Rozelle 6-02.00 Potter-Dix, 2.Cole Christensen 5-06.00 Potter-Dix, 3.AaronAlcorn 5-06.00 Crawford, 4.Tyler Koke 5-04.00 Minatare, 5.Samuel Bogert 5-04.00 Potter-Dix, 6.Matt Fisher 5-02.00 Southeast.

Pole Vault 1.Riley Ross 11-00.00 Niobrara County, 2.Taylor Wagner 10-06.00 Lingle-Fort Laramie, 3.Jacob Barnes 10-00.00 Guernsey-Sunrise, 3.Samuel Bogert 10-00.00 Potter-Dix Public, 5.Justin McQuillin 9-06.00 North Platte, 6.Taylor Brott 9-00.00 Gering.

Long Jump 1.Kelsey Rozelle 21-05.25 Potter-Dix, 2.DallenFleenor 19-10.50 Lingle-Fort Laramie, 3.Pedro Soto 19-05.25 Southeast, 4.Colten Wunder 18-11.75 Lingle-Fort Laramie, 5.Juan Garfio 18-11.00 Minatare, 6.Kody Fletcher 18-09.50 Alliance, 7. Mason Ramig 16-11.25 Scottsbluff.

Triple Jump 1.Treasure Hollister 39-06.00 Guernsey-Sunrise, 2.Ryan Gilkey 38-03.50 Niobrara County, 3.Bryson Krull 36-04.00 North Platte, 4.Adam Kraft 35-09.50 Niobrara County, 5.Nick Foote 34-03.00 Scottsbluff, 6.TraylinBruegger 33-09.75 Niobrara County, 7.Kenny Witcofski 33-09.00 Gering.

Girls Results 100 Meters 1.Bryttnee Lemmon 13.25 Crawford, 2.Cayley Gibb 13.36 Southeast, 3.McKayle Mosley 14.28 Niobrara County,4.Mariah Brown 14.36 North Platte, 5.Dominique Murillo 14.62 Gering, 6.LatoshaWifford 15.01 Southeast.
200 Meters 1.Bryttnee Lemmon 27.42 Crawford, 2.Cayley Gibb 27.43 Southeast, 3.Georgia Wollert 28.01 Lingle-Fort Laramie, 4.Savannah Shaw 29.53 Potter-Dix, 5.Mariah Brown 29.83 North Platte, 6.Dominique Murillo 30.39 Gering.

400 Meters 1.Bryttnee Lemmon 63.08 Crawford, 2.Kalen Nedella 65.58 Crawford, 3.Emily Buchanan 66.01 Southeast, 4.Kelly Powell 72.24 Gering, 5.Brittany Jacobs 74.86 Alliance, 6.Sierra Flores 76.78 Banner County, 7.Erika Geary 1:20.89 Banner County, 8.Arielle Whelchel 1:25.06 Banner County.

800 Meters 1.Kalen Nedella 2:36.47 Crawford, 2.Hope Abel 2:46.62 Gering, 3.Aly Dane 2:48.30 Crawford, 4.Jalyn McDaniel 2:55.48 Niobrara County, 5.Morgan Evans 2:56.92 Gering, 6.Sierra Flores 2:59.28 Banner County.
1600 Meters 1.LacieLietka 6:07.69 Crawford, 2.Franki Doty 6:23.14 Minatare, 3.Franscheska Plasencio 6:27.56 Gering, 4.Sarah Tweet 6:36.52 Crawford, 5.Courtney Knisley 6:40.04 Banner County, 6.Maddie Schlosser-Ross 6:51.39 Minatare.

3200 Meters 1.LacieLietka 13:01.11 Crawford, 2.Nicole Patton 13:37.47 Gering, 3.Sarah Tweet 13:55.93 Crawford, 4.Courtney Knisley 14:03.01 Banner County, 5.Franki Doty 14:40.39 Minatare, 6.Samantha Garvie 15:48.07 Lingle-Fort Laramie.

100 Meter Hurdles 1.Georgia Wollert 17.61 Lingle-Fort Laramie, 2.Payge Hoffman 18.05 Potter-Dix, 3.Payton Franklin 18.05 Potter-Dix, 4.Gabrielle Wollert 18.65 Lingle-Fort Laramie, 5.Katie Scherger 20.19 Guernsey-Sunrise, 6.Kierra Schmidt 20.19 Scottsbluff.
300 Hurdles 1.Katlynn Kling 50.90 Sioux County, 2.Angela Johnson 52.91 Sioux County, 3.Makenna Greenwald 53.49 Lingle-Fort Laramie,4.Payge Hoffman 54.06 Potter-Dix, 5.Payton Franklin 54.71Potter-Dix, 6.Kierra Schmidt 55.67 Scottsbluff.

4x100 1.Cayley Gibb, Emily Buchanan, Dani McManamen, Noelle Chapman 52.84 Southeast; 2.Payge Hoffman, Savannah Shaw, Payton Franklin, Trinity Langley, 56.36 Potter-Dix; 3.Savannah Fosher, McKayle Mosley, Meghan Mosley, Kylee Gaukel 57.31 Niobrara County; 4.Savanah Jenkins, Rhylea, Horejs, Johanna Church, Taylor Debock 72.31 Lingle-Fort Laramie.

4x400 Relay 1.Cayley Gibb, Noelle Chapman, Emily Buchanan, Dani McManamen 4:20.42 Southeast; 2.Makenna Greenwald, Gabrielle Wollert, Kaylynn Jefferson, Georgia Wollert 4:29.94 Lingle-Fort Laramie; 3.Jasmine Christianson, McKayle Mosley, Meghan Mosley, Jalyn McDaniel 4:52.00 Niobrara County, 4.Payge Hoffman, Savannah Shaw, Jourdan Langley, Trinity Langley 4:55.98 Potter-Dix, 5.Morgan Evans, Kelly Powell, Hope Abel, Marisa Robles 5:02.66 Gering.

4x800 Relay 1.Aly Dane, Sarah Tweet, LacieLietka, Kalen Nedella 11:00.56 Crawford; 2.Nicole Patton, Franscheska Plasencio, Marisa Robles, Hope Abel 11:17.77 Gering; 3.Jasmine Christianson, Savannah Fosher, Jalyn McDaniel, Meghan Mosley 12:21.30 Niobrara County.
Shot Put 1.Alexus Rozelle 36-02.50 Potter-Dix, 2.MaKenna Dahlgrin 32-04.25 Banner County, 3.Cortney Lewis 30-09.25 Potter-Dix, 4.Abby Russell 30-06.25 Banner County, 5.Marie Hendrickson 29-06.00 Niobrara County, 6.Gabrielle Wollert 27-09.50 Lingle-Fort Laramie.

Discus 1.Alexus Rozelle 120-07 Potter-Dix, 2.MaKenna Dahlgrin 88-02 Banner County, 3.Marie Hendrickson 85-03 Niobrara County, 4.Abby Russell 84-04 Banner County, 5.Rachel Lashmett 79-03 Niobrara County, 6.Kaitlyn Shallenberger 69-06 Scottsbluff.
High Jump 1.Jasmine Christianson 4-06.00 Niobrara County, 2.Georgia Wollert 4-06.00 Lingle-Fort Laramie, 3.Lauren Rairigh 4-04.00 Gering.

Pole Vault1.Payton Franklin 8-00.00 Potter-Dix, 2.Makenna Greenwald 7-06.00 Lingle-Fort Laramie, 3.Angela Figueroa 7-00.00 Alliance, 4.McKayle Mosley 7-00.00 Niobrara County, 5.Jalyn McDaniel 7-00.00 Niobrara County, 6.Brianna Little 6-06.00 Scottsbluff, 6.Jocelyn Dotson 6-06.00 North Platte, 6.Rachelle Palser 6-06.00 Scottsbluff.

Long Jump 1.Dani McManamen 15-00.25 Southeast, 2.Haley Piper 14-01.50 North Platte, 3.Jocelyn Dotson 14-00.50 North Platte, 4.LatoshaWifford 13-09.50 Southeast, 5.Kaylynn Jefferson 13-06.75 Lingle-Fort Laramie, 6.Savannah Shaw 13-06.50 Potter-Dix.

Triple Jump1.Makenna Greenwald 30-08.75 Lingle-Fort Laramie, 2.Angela Johnson 29-02.25 Sioux County, 3.Kaylynn Jefferson 29-01.00 Lingle-Fort Laramie, 4.Trinity Langley 28-01.00 Potter-Dix, 5.Haley Piper 27-11.50 North Platte, 6.Eliana Hernandez 27-03.75 Scottsbluff. 7.Shawna Hill 26-10.50 Scottsbluff. 8.Myela Garcia 25-09.00 Scottsbluff.

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